Good Starts:
Cam Newton (CAR)- Keep rolling with him, produces every week
Matthew Stafford (DET)- don’t care who he’s playing…start him
Aaron Rodgers (GB)- this game vs STL won’t be fair, huge day coming
Eli Manning (NYG)- has looked like Peyton lately, could be in shootout
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)- 303/3 last game vs JAC, good matchup
Michael Vick (PHI)- 433/6 last game vs WAS, enough said
Joe Flacco (BAL)- averages 210/2 vs HOU, good at home
Tom Brady (NE)- 388/5 last game vs DAL, and he’s Tom Brady
Tony Romo (DAL)- has had a solid season, should be in a close game

Decent Starts:
Matt Ryan (ATL)- Averages 220/1 against CAR, hasn’t been great this year
Andy Dalton (CIN)- good matchup vs IND but he’s been erratic
Curtis Painter (IND)- #s were about the same the last 2 weeks, showing consistency
Alex Smith (SF)- he’s been better lately but #s vs DET aren’t great
Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF)- has come back down the last 2 weeks, team will score points
Rex Grossman (WAS)- has been mediocre last 2 games, should continue that here
Colt McCoy (CLE)- has been mediocre but consistent, decent matchup
Matt Schaub (HOU)- tough matchup, 393/3/2 last game vs BAL
Drew Brees (NO)- can’t believe i’m listing him here, TB seems to shut him down
Josh Freeman (TB)- 255/2 last game vs NO but he hasn’t been good this year
Jay Cutler (CHI)- good career #s vs MIN, good at home this year
Mark Sanchez (NYJ)- way too inconsistent, decent matchup, never know what to expect

Bad Starts:
Sam Bradford (STL)- has been bad all year, facing a scary defense
Blaine Gabbert (JAC)- a rookie vs PIT’s defense? yikes
Jason Campbell (OAK)- way too erratic to ever rely on
Donovan McNabb (MIN)- doesn’t do enough to start, plus CHI is tough at home
Matt Moore (MIA)- his first start of the year is against NYJ and their pass def? ewww



Wide Receivers:
Good Starts:
Roddy White (ATL)- 62/1 last time against CAR, has been consistent
Steve Smith (CAR)- He’s been unbelievable, no reason to bench him
AJ Green (CIN)- good matchup vs IND, they won’t hold him down
Pierre Garcon (IND)- Painter’s favorite target, huge #s the last 3 weeks
Calvin Johnson (DET)- do i need an explanation? how about 9 td’s?
Greg Jennings (GB)- averages 91/1 against them, been great all year
Jordy Nelson (GB)- will bounce back from last week, GB will put up major points
Hakeem Nicks (NYG)- #1 WR during a shootout is gold
Victor Cruz (NYG)- i like what i’ve seen the last 3 weeks, shootout
Stevie Johnson (BUF)- ready to bounce back, could be shootout
Mike Wallace (PIT)- will torch beatable JAC
DeSean Jackson (PHI)- 98/1 last game vs WAS
Anquan Boldin (BAL)- averages 85 y/g vs HOU
Wes Welker (NE)- 124/2 last game vs DAL, and he’s Wes Welker
Dez Bryant (DAL)- finally healthy, ready for a huge week vs bad pass defense

Decent Starts:
Harry Douglas (ATL)- Jones is out this week and he averages 41 y/g against CAR
Brandon LaFell (CAR)- expect 50+ yards plus possible td
Lagedu Naanee (CAR)- getting more targets, should get payoff td from last week
Reggie Wayne (IND)- career vs CIN isn’t great but they want him to be more involved
Michael Crabtree (SF)- about ready to break out, 68 yds last game vs DET
James Jones (GB)- bad career #s vs STL, scored the last 2 weeks though
Danario Alexander (STL)- scary matchup vs GB but he’s big enough to make plays
Mario Manningham (NYG)- he’s the #3 now, game will be a shootout
David Nelson (BUF)- hasn’t gotten many yards last 2 weeks but still contributing
Hines Ward (PIT)- reemerged, should put up decent yardage
Antonio Brown (PIT)- reemergence of Ward hurt his value, but good matchup vs JAC
Mike Thomas (JAC)- has been ok lately, could get 50+ yardage
Jeremy Maclin (PHI)- not the greatest career #s vs WAS but he’s very good
Jason Avant (PHI)- 76/1 last game vs WAS, due for a TD
Jabar Gaffney (WAS)- 69/2 last game vs PHI, consistent all year
Santana Moss (WAS)- not good vs PHI but he’s still their #1
Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK)- good the last 2 weeks, worth a chance
Mohammed Massaquoi (CLE)- 61/1 last game vs OAK
Greg Little (CLE)- has been named a starter, decent last game, sleeper start this week
Kevin Walter (HOU)- #1 WR right now but tough matchup
Jacoby Jones (HOU)- 52/1 last game vs BAL, hard to trust him until he does something
Deion Branch (NE)- looked good last week, not a bad matchup
Miles Austin (DAL)- will play second fiddle to Bryant, could still have a good day
Marques Colston (NO)- I see decent yards and no TD
Lance Moore (NO)- I see decent yards and no TD
Robert Meachem (NO)- I see decent yards and no TD
Mike Williams (TB)- hard to trust, 40/1 vs NO last game
Arrelious Benn (TB)- due for a TD, has been decent lately
Johnny Knox (CHI)- 78/1 last game vs MIN
Percy Harvin (MIN)- good career #s vs CHI, 72/1 last game vs CHI, due for a TD
Santonio Holmes (NYJ)- has been mediocre, not great vs MIA
Plaxico Burress (NYJ)- bad career #s vs MIA, has been decent
Brandon Marshall (MIA)- he’s scored in 2 of 3 career games vs NYJ
Brian Hartline (MIA)- 84 yards last game vs NYJ, he’s a little underrated

Bad Starts:
Julio Jones (ATL)- He’s out this week
Andre Caldwell (CIN)- isn’t in the mix anymore
Jerome Simpson (CIN)- needs to be consistent before he’s worth starting
Austin Collie (IND)- has reemerged a little, but still not yet
Nate Burleson (DET)- has fallen off the map, bad career #s vs SF
Titus Young (DET)- disappeared last week, SF defense is tough
Donald Driver (GB)- too old, can’t ever trust him
Brandon Gibson (STL)- not vs GB
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)- not vs GB, not good anymore
Emmanuel Sanders (PIT)- hasn’t done anything in a long time
Jason Hill (JAC)- PIT will target him and shut him down
Anthony Armstrong (WAS)- not getting catches
Jacoby Ford (OAK)- he was overrated to begin with, not performing
Denarius Moore (OAK)- only had 1 good fluke week
Lee Evans (BAL)- not a factor
Torrey Smith (BAL)- not trustworthy, only 1 yard last game
Derrick Mason (HOU)- will want redemption on BAL, but he won’t get it
Chad Ochocinco (NE)- he may be done, not getting yards
Devery Henderson (NO)- just like every other year he starts hot then fades out
Preston Parker (TB)- too inconsistent
Devin Hester (CHI) too erratic
Dane Sanzenbacher (CHI)- getting targets but not proven yet
Michael Jenkins (MIN)- MIN’s #2 WR but too inconsistent, McNabb isn’t good
Davone Bess (MIA)- not this week, terrible vs NYJ



Running Backs:
Good Starts:
Michael Turner (ATL)- good career #s against CAR, big yards or td every week so far
Jahvid Best (DET)- may be used a lot, gets combined yards
Frank Gore (SF)- huge career #s vs. DET, huge #s the last 2 weeks too
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)- 151/1 last time vs BUF, good matchup
Fred Jackson (BUF)- tough matchup but combined yards and high every week
Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)- don’t give up hope, this is the matchup he needs
LeSean McCoy (PHI)- WAS usually shuts his running down but he catches a lot
Darren McFadden (OAK)- hasn’t been consistent, will get plenty of chances
Ray Rice (BAL)- combined yardage will be big, will be very active
Arian Foster (HOU)- 125 combined yards last game vs BAL, will run a lot
Darren Sproles (NO)- I like his combined yards every week
Matt Forte (CHI)- hottest RB in the league right now, will at least get combined yards
Adrian Peterson (MIN)- he only averages 112 y/g vs CHI, and he’s Adrian Peteson

Decent Starts:
DeAngelo Williams (CAR)- has been hot but not getting many carries, that scares me
Jonathan Stewart (CAR)- getting just as many carries as DeAngelo, plus receptions
Cedric Benson (CIN)- bad career #s vs IND, but he’s been good lately
Delone Carter (IND)- will soon replace Addai, getting more carries, scored last week
James Starks (GB)- great matchup, should put up nice yards, splits carries with Grant
Ryan Grant (GB)- great matchup, good career #s vs STL, splits carries with Starks
Steven Jackson (STL)- tough matchup, good #s vs GB, won’t run much if team is down
DJ Ware (NYG)- will fill in for Jacobs, will get combined yards
Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC)- only averages 30 y/g against PIT, there are worse options
Ryan Torain (WAS)- 70/1 last game vs PHI, role is unclear
Tim Hightower (WAS)- his role with Torain n the mix is something you don’t wanna touch
Peyton Hillis (CLE)- hasn’t been impressive, but they should run a lot
Montario Hardesty (CLE)- may start getting more carries, still gets catches
BenJarvus Green-Ellis (NE)- good last week, tough matchup, not sure of his role
Felix Jones (DAL)- has only been decent, tough matchup, combined yards will help
Earnest Graham (TB)- he’s starting, but don’t expect a whole lot
Shonn Greene (NYJ)- the definition of mediocre
Daniel Thomas (MIA)- has looked great but Bush steals carries
Reggie Bush (MIA)- should get combined yards but Thomas looks better

Bad Starts:
Bernard Scott (CIN)- not getting enough carries yet
Joseph Addai (IND)- bad career #s vs CIN, been bad the last few weeks, too old
Kendall Hunter (SF)- looks good but i don’t think they will be up for him to get carries
Carnell Williams (STL)- not with Jackson back, not vs GB
Brandon Jacobs (NYG)- questionable, probably won’t play
CJ Spiller (BUF)- not looking good for him this year
Isaac Redman (PIT)- was bad as starter last week, Mendenhall is back
Deji Karim (JAC)- not vs PIT
Roy Helu (WAS)- no room for him with Hightower and Torain
Ricky Williams (BAL)- wont have a big enough role this week
Ben Tate (HOU)- not a good matchup for a backup
Stevan Ridley (NE)- need to see him start first
Danny Woodhead (NE)- wouldn’t touch him with Green-Ellis and Ridley in the mix
Pierre Thomas (NO)- bad matchup, too many RB’s on the team to share workload
Mark Ingram (NO)- needs to show consistency first, too many RB”s on the team
LaGarrette Blount (TB)- injured, doesn’t look like he will play this week
LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ)- can i stop writing his name? nobody owns him still right?



Tight Ends:
Good Starts:
Tony Gonzalez (ATL)- 53/1 last game vs CAR, has been consistent
Jermaine Gresham (CIN)- 85/1 last game vs IND, td’s the last 2 weeks
Brandon Pettigrew (DET)- yards or a td each week, may be relied on this week
Vernon Davis (SF)- on a roll and he scored last game vs DET
Jermichael Finley (GB)- always a good start
Fred Davis (WAS)- worked with QB the entire bye week, will be rewarded with a TD
Owen Daniels (HOU)- 91 yards last game vs BAL, has been on fire, best target
Jimmy Graham (NO)- has been great, a #1 TE now

Decent Starts:
Greg Olsen (CAR)- td the last 3 weeks, without a td though he’s a bust
Dallas Clark (IND)- scored in both career games vs. CIN
Jake Ballard (NYG)- scored last 2 weeks
Heath Miller (PIT)- has been decent recently
Benjamin Watson (CLE)- will have a mediocre day, maybe 50 yards
Ed Dickson (BAL)- puts up mediocre yardage each week
Rob Gronkowski (NE)- back to earth the last 2 weeks, still high upside
Aaron Hernandez (NE)- good lately but Gronkowski will be more involved soon
Jason Witten (DAL)- has been good all year but i don’t like this matchup, bad vs NE
Kellen Winslow (TB)- hard to get excited about what he’s done so far

Bad Starts:
Jeremy Shockey (CAR)- not consistent enough to start, the yardage isn’t there
Billy Bajema (STL)- nobody owns him anyways
Scott Chandler (BUF)- has disappeared, can’t trust him anymore
Mercedes Lewis (JAC)- has been bad all year, tough matchup
Brent Celek (PHI)- bad career #s vs WAS, bad the last 3 weeks
Chris Cooley (WAS)- Davis has taken over as #1 TE
Kevin Boss (OAK)- no catches last week
Kellen Davis (CHI)- either a TD or no catches…is that a risk you want to take?
Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)- he might have 1 more good week this season, not this week
Dustin Keller (NYJ)- don’t start him, he’s overrated, he’s bad vs MIA, he’s been bad
Anthony Fasano (MIA) start him if you want to lose



Good Starts:
Cincinnati- IND doesn’t score a whole lot, could get to Painter
Detroit- defense has been good, facing terrible Alex Smith
Green Bay- facing a weak offense, and they are a great defense
Pittsburgh- dreamy matchup vs JAC
Baltimore- they are a good start against anyone
New York Jets- they will carry the team, a must start

Decent Starts:
Atlanta- CAR can put up points and defense hasn’t been great all year
Carolina- ATL can put up points and defense hasn’t been great all year
Indianapolis- defense isn’t very good but they are facing a rookie
San Francisco- DET has a great offense but SF defense is always at least decent
New York Giants- just a mediocre matchup
Philadelphia- tricky matchup vs WAS, defensive TD wouldn’t surprise me
Washington- tricky matchup vs PHI, defensive TD wouldn’t surprise me
Oakland- matchup could go either way
Cleveland- matchup could go either way
Houston- game could actually be low scoring
New England- DAL can put up points
New Orleans- Freeman has been bad but TB will score some
Chicago- should be decent at home, but they are facing AP
Minnesota- game could be low scoring, not the best matchup for them
Miami- NYJ offense isn’t that scary

Bad Starts:
St. Louis- because they are playing GB that’s why
Buffalo- bad and tough matchup vs NYG
Jacksonville- they don’t really have a defense, plus it’s vs PIT
Dallas- anyone playing NE is a bad start
Tampa Bay- defense has looked bad, plus its the Saints

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