Who to start and who to bench?  Everyone has dilemmas each week.  I’m here to help you decide.  Because of time constraints and some people requesting that I go even deeper into the player pool, I decided to pull the kicker’s from this piece and instead list more WR’s and RB’s down the depth chart.  Kickers are simple anyways.  Start the guys for teams you think will win.  Pretty easy. Questions on who to start over who?  Ask them here.


Good Starts:
Jay Cutler (CHI)- Weak matchup, throwing for good yardage each game
Ryan Fitzpatrick (BUF)- he will destroy CIN, lots and lots of yards
Colt McCoy (CLE)- has been consistent with 210/2 per game, good matchup
Matt Hasselbeck (TEN)- good career #s against CLE, good matchup
Tony Romo (DAL)- if he played last week he will again, shoot out coming
Matthew Stafford (DET)- always a good start
Michael Vick (PHI)- he’s going to play, and he’s going to tear SF up
Drew Brees (NO-) could legitimately throw for 500 yds against JAC
Kevin Kolb (ARI)- good matchup, could see him throwing a lot in a close game
Matt Ryan (ATL)- weak opponent, 3 TD vs. SEA last time
Aaron Rodgers (GB)- always great, DEN doesn’t scare me at all
Tom Brady (NE)- everyone who owns him keeps winning, that’s why
Phillip Rivers (SD)- MIA not tough, only 1 TD vs MIA in career though

Decent Starts:
Cam Newton (CAR)- CHI tough at home but he throws and runs
Andy Dalton (CIN)- can see him putting up decent #s vs BUF
Donovan McNabb (MIN)- 369/3 last game against but he’s not that good anymore
Sam Bradford (STL)- tough matchup, 235/1/1 vs last time, low scoring game
Rex Grossman (WAS)- 200/2 last time against STL
Blaine Gabbert (JAC)- may have to do nothing but throw, could reach 200/2/2 this week
Matt Schaub (HOU)- tough match vs PIT, 202/1/2 against them last time
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)- averages 195/2 vs. HOU, hasn’t been super
Eli Manning (NYG)- 218/2/1 avg vs ARI, will come back down after last week
Chad Henne (MIA)- don’t expect a ton vs SD, rushing yds have been lacking
Josh Freeman (TB)- good matchup but may not have to throw it much

Bad Starts:
Matt Cassel (KC)- can’t even touch 200 yds, facing good def
Alex Smith (SF)- always bad, averages 194/1/1 against them
Tarvaris Jackson (SEA)- hasn’t touched 200 yds yet, tough matchup
Kyle Orton (DEN)- bad matchup, 142/1/2 last game vs GB
Jason Campbell (OAK)- don’t touch him vs NE
Joe Flacco (BAL)- don’t like him at all vs NTJ pass defense
Mark Sanchez (NYJ)- not vs BAL while banged up
Kerry Collins/Curtis Painted (IND)- don’t even know who is starting so avoid it



Wide Receivers:
Good Starts:
Johnny Knox (CHI)- good yardage all yr, due for TD, best WR on team
Steve Smith (CAR)- big yds every time he plays CHI
Stevie Johnson (BUF)- 137/3 last time vs CIN, they will throw a lot
David Nelson (BUF)- will get another solid 80 yds plus possible TD
AJ Green (CIN)- should bounce back against weak def
Nate Washington (TEN)- new #1 WR, throw him out there
Dez Bryant (DAL)- should play again and be active in shootout
Calvin Johnson (DET)- on pace to score 30 TD’s, scored against them in last meeting
Dexter McCluster (KC)- as a WR he’s a great start because of combined yds
Danario Alexander (STL)- his size will give WAS trouble like Fitzgerald 2 weeks ago
Santana Moss (WAS)- 60+ yds each game, 124/1 last time against
DeSean Jackson (PHI)- his turn to contribute, avg 87 yd/gm against them, maclin hurt
Marques Colston (NO)- questionable but may play, dominates JAC during career
Lance Moore (NO)- scores a lot of TD’s
Devery Henderson (NO)- been looking good all year, easy matchup for team
Robert Meachem (NO)- TD every week so far, easy matchup for team
Andre Johnson (HOU)- always good, 112 yds against PIT last time
Mike Wallace (PIT)- performs against everyone, always start him
Hakeem Nicks (NYG)- good matchup, time to score TD again
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)- 80+ yds, possible TD
Roddy White (ATL)- big game coming
Julio Jones (ATL)- gets nice yardage each week, overdue for TD
Greg Jennings (GB)- 141/1 last time against DEN
Wes Welker (NE)- he’s been ridiculous, good vs OAK in career too
Deion Branch (NE)- will be back with a vengeance this week after no catches
Vincent Jackson (SD)- 120 yds vs MIA last game
Anquan Boldin (BAL)- averages 105 yds/gm vs NYJ
Reggie Wayne (IND)- will score on prime time, scored last time vs TB

Decent Starts:
Devin Hester (CHI)- Put up 60+ yds twice, due for td, but tough matchup, bad vs CAR
Andre Caldwell (CIN)- should get decent 50+ yardage
Joshua Cribbs (CLE)- has been getting yds lately, plus he returns kicks, questionable
Nate Burleson (DET)- will get high yardage with Calvin being covered
Titus Young (DET)- has been impressive, decent yds each week
Percy Harvin (MIN)- been putting up decent yds, waiting for him to break out
Dwayne Bowe (KC)- tough matchup, makes things happen though, 71/1 last time
Steve Breaston (KC)- may get yds this week because of Bowe’s coverage
Brandon Gibson (STL)- 50 yds and no TD qualifies as decent
Jabar Gaffney (WAS)- unpredictable, 50+ yds each game so far
Steve Smith (PHI)- risky but with Maclin out he could get yards
Michael Crabtree (SF)- looking for breakout game, 105/1 against them last time, healthy
Mike Thomas (JAC)- good chemistry with Gabbert, should get yds every week
Antonio Brown (PIT)- #2 WR now, good yds each week, lots of targets
Hines Ward (PIT)- fading away, 76/2 against them last time gets him some hope
Victor Cruz (NYG)- peaked last week, very risky but you never know
Early Doucet (ARI)- performed 2 of 3 weeks, team will throw a lot
Sidney Rice (SEA)- looked great last week but bad vs ATL in career
Jordy Nelson (GB)- risky because of how many weapons they have, still puts up #s
James Jones (GB)- 107/1 last time vs DEN, waiting to make an impression this year
Brandon Lloyd (DEN)- hasn’t done much this year, tough matchup
Eric Decker (DEN)- 50+ yds each week
Jacoby Ford (OAK)- expected to play, beatable secondary
Patrick Crayton (SD)- got yds last week with Floyd out, he is out again
Brandon Marshall (MIA)- putting up mediocre #s, good yds but no TD’s vs SD
Brian Hartline (MIA)- active and performs in some way most weeks, tough matchup
Davone Bess (MIA)- decent yardage every week
Santonio Holmes (NYJ)- tough matchup, scored TD last time against BAL
Plaxico Burress (NYJ)- tough matchup, hard to know what to expect
Derrick Mason (NYJ)- will want to perform against his old team
Mike Williams (TB)- putting up mediocre #s
Pierre Garcon (IND)- tough with no QB but he could get yards

Bad Starts:
Roy Williams (CHI)- He’s questionable, and I don’t trust him
Brandon LaFell (CAR)- shut down last week, can’t rely on him
Jerome Simpson (CIN)- a disaster right now
Mohamed Massaquoi (CLE)- questionable, #s are never great, wont score this week
Greg Little (CLE)- not doing enough yet
Kenny Britt (TEN)- out for the season
Miles Austin (DAL)- out again this week
Kevin Ogletree (DAL)- made a lot of mistakes last week, not good enough
Michael Jenkins (MIN)- don’t get carried about by decent week last week
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)- expect under 40 yds
Anthony Armstrong (WAS)- hasn’t been a factor yet
Jeremy Maclin (PHI)- doubful, I don’t think he’s going to play
Kevin Walter (HOU)- don’t like the match
Jacoby Jones (HOU)- probably out
Emmanuel Sanders (PIT)- being overshadowed by Brown, not getting yards
Mario Manningham (NYG)- may not play, if he does it will be limited
Andre Roberts (ARI)- not getting enough catches yet
Mike Williams (SEA)- definitely not a good chance
Donald Driver (GB)- not a factor this year, not catching the ball
Eddie Royal (DEN)- out this week
Chad Ochocinco (NE)- can’t start him until he performs, things aren’t looking good
Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK)- listed as their #1 WR which says something about OAK
Malcolm Floyd (SD)- doubtful to play
Lee Evans (BAL)- probably out this week
Torrey Smith (BAL)- not vs NYJ, plus they know who he is now
Arrelious Benn (TB)- not catching enough passes
Austin Collie (IND)- 20 yds a week doesn’t cut it



Running Backs:
Good Starts:
Matt Forte (CHI)- 166/2 last time against them, will run a lot
Fred Jackson (BUF)- 116/2 last time against them, team will score a lot
Chris Johnson (TEN)- ready to breakout, 166/1 against them last time
Felix Jones (DAL)- should play again and be active in the rushing and passing game
Jahvid Best (DET)- valuable because of combined yds
Adrian Peterson (MIN)- team may run “all day” long, possible huge day
Tim Hightower (WAS)- may run a lot, combined yds, Helu takes some carries though
LeSean McCoy (PHI)- start him every week, MVP type #s
Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG)- getting it done with combined yardage alone
Michael Turner (ATL)- will run a lot late, gets combined yards
Darren McFadden (OAK)- playing well against everyone, good against NE in career
Ryan Mathews (SD)- running and receiving well, putting up big combined #s
Daniel Thomas (MIA)- has looked good, might as well roll with him, little risky still
Ray Rice (BAL)- they will run a whole lot
LaGarrette Blount (TB)- will run a whole lot, big day coming

Decent Starts:
Jonathan Stewart (CAR)- gaining starting role, will run and get receptions
Cedric Benson (CIN)- 124/1 against them last time, but the team will be down
Peyton Hillis (CLE)- still questionable, work load could be lightened, still performs
Montario Hardesty (CLE)- work load is increasing, Hillis may play
Steven Jackson (STL)- questionable, team may run a lot, possible TD
Carnell Williams (STL)- team may run a lot, jackson hurts value
Roy Helu (WAS)- getting more and more carries, also involved in passing game
Frank Gore (SF)- only averages 80 combined yds against PHI
Mark Ingram (NO)- starting to improve but still risky
Darren Sproles (NO)- decent combined yds each week, scored 2/3 weeks so far
Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC)- may not get many chances to run, bad last time vs. NO
Arian Foster (HOU)- should play, tough matchup vs. PIT, Tate will still get carries for now
Ben Tate (HOU)- has been great, Foster back will hurt for sure
Rashard Mendenhall (PIT)- hasn’t looked great, wasn’t good vs HOU last time
Brandon Jacobs (NYG)- good career #s vs ARI, decent combined yds
Beanie Wells (ARI)- decent if he plays, but he is questionable
Marshawn Lynch (SEA)- may run a lot early and put up decent #s
Ryan Grant (GB)- splits carries but rushed for 104 yds last time vs DEN
James Starks (GB)- will bounce back against weak DEN team, splits carries
Danny Woodhead (NE)- only valuable for combined yds
Stevan Ridley (NE)- sleeper start, earning more carries each week, eventual starter
Mike Tolbert (SD)- good matchup but Mathews is now the starter
Reggie Bush (MIA)- hard to trust, team has been down lately and will be again
Shonn Greene (NYJ)- wont put up many yard, i can see him scoring though
Joseph Addai (IND)- combined yds have been decent, not the best matchup or runner

Bad Starts:
Marion Barber (CHI)- questionable, need to see him play first
DeAngelo Williams (CAR)- not looking good for him, Stewart is better
CJ Spiller (BUF)- not doing enough, too many weapons
Bernard Scott (CIN)- not relevant until Benson is suspended
Thomas Jones (KC)- bad vs MIN, old, bad in general, nothing left in tank
Kendall Hunter (SF)- hasn’t really gotten a chance yet
Pierre Thomas (NO)- is he the #3 RB? Not being used much
Deji Karim (JAC)- not unless Jones-Drew gets injured
Knowshon Moreno (DEN)- questionable, will split with McGahee, bad matchup
Willis McGahee (DEN)- will split with Moreno, bad matchup
BenJarvus Green-Ellis- not good
Ricky Williams (BAL)- not this week, no garbage yardage
LaDainian Tomlinson (NYJ)- not against BAL, no garbage yds
Delone Carter (IND)- not getting enough carries yet



Tight Ends:
Good Starts:
Greg Olsen (CAR)- has looked good lately, playing former team=TD
Scott Chandler (BUF)- has a TD every game
Jason Witten (DAL)- good yardage every single week, always a chance to have big day
Jimmy Graham (NO)- great matchup for any NO receiver
Jermichael Finley (GB)- best TE in the league this season
Rob Gronkowski (NE)- scoring machine
Dallas Clark (IND)- you spent high on him so you have to start him
Vernon Davis (SF)- 104/1 vs. them last game

Decent Starts:
Jermaine Gresham (CIN)- starting to get more catches, there are worse options
Benjamin Watson (CLE)- has been decent with yds
Brandon Pettigrew (DET)- great last week, banged up, questionable
Chris Cooley (WAS)- averages 65 yd/gm against them but Davis takes catches
Fred Davis (WAS)- should bounce back, Cooley takes some catches
Brent Celek (PHI)- could get more targets with Maclin hurt
Mercedes Lewis (JAC)- should have his best week yet, but nothing great
Owen Daniels (HOU)- tough matchup but always a chance to put up yds
Todd Heap (ARI)- reemerged last week, decent yardage guy
Tony Gonzalez (ATL)- very bad vs SEA in career but still better option than most
Daniel Fells (DEN)- gets yds I guess
Ed Dickson (BAL)- tough matchup but there are worse
Dustin Keller (NYJ)- bad matchup but hes put up yds each week
Kellen Winslow (TB)- questionable, risky

Bad Starts:
Kellen Davis (CHI)- if you want 20-30 yds with no td then start him
Jeremy Shockey (CAR)- this will be Olsen’s week
Jared Cook (TEN)- still waiting for him to show good signs, none for now
Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN)- never
Leonard Pope (KC)- 32 yds is his high this yr
Billy Bajema (STL)- nobody owns him
Michael Hoomanawanui (STL)- just wanted to type his name
Heath Miller (PIT)- avg 23 yds vs. HOU, never scored a TD vs HOU
Jake Ballard (NYG)- not really getting more than 1 catch a week
Zach Miller (SEA)- too risky, not doing anything this year
Aaron Hernandez (NE)- out this week
Kevin Boss (OAK)- no
Antonio Gates (SD)- not looking good for him to play
Randy McMichael (SD)- no because he is Randy McMichael
Anthony Fasano (MIA)- too inconsistent



Good Starts:
Minnesota- KC has a terrible offense
Philadelphia- great situation, bad QB
New Orleans- JAC offense is bad and rookie QB will turn it over
Atlanta- easy matchup
Green Bay- Denver doesn’t scare me
New England- should hold oakland down, plus bad QB
Baltimore- could be defensive turnover filled battle
New York Jets- could be defensive turnover filled battle
Tampa Bay- easy matchup vs IND who can’t score

Decent Starts:
Chicago- decent matchup, Newton can turn it over, points will be scored
Buffalo- not a talent def but rookie QB turns the ball over
Cleveland- could go either way, may have good day or CJ could run all over them
Tennessee- could be low scoring, turnovers possible with young QB
St. Louis- possible low scoring game, decent matchup
Washington- possible low scoring game, decent matchup
Pittsburgh- not a good matchup but this def always has a chance to get turnovers or TD
Arizona- Giants can score but I can see this def scoring a TD
San Diego- not bad vs MIA

Bad Starts:
Carolina- should be high scoring game
Cincinnati- BUF has a powerful offense
Dallas- high scoring game coming
Detroit- not as underrated as some thought
Kansas City- Adrian Peterson
San Francisco- eagles are too tough
Jacksonville- the absolute last def anyone should own this week
Houston- bad matchup vs. PIT
New York Giants- just don’t like their matchup at all
Seattle- will get lit up
Denver- because they play the defending champs
Oakland- start no defense vs. Brady
Miami- San Diego is kinda strong
Indianapolis- do they have a defense?

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