Terrance West - Towson Tigers RB -- FCS Championship Game Preview

Are you freaking kidding me?

Not only did my Bolts luck-box themselves right into the NFL playoffs, but my alma mater is playing for all the FCS marbles. Hot damn, this New Year is already off to a banging start.

Listen, I could go all Bleacher Report on you and break down in a formulaic manner how each team could win this joint. I could bore you with stats like how North Dakota is riding a 23-game heater and are an absurd 42-2 over the past three seasons. Or even how they have won all three of their playoff games by at least 30 points. Yada, yada yada. We get it, they’re good.

But guess what, Bison Nation? The Tigers ended up boarding their flight out of BWI (never heard of “XTRA Airways”, btw) and will show up on that soccer field in Frisco, TX Saturday at 2 PM locally, ready to crack some helmets. Check the tweet below if you don’t believe me.

And now with all the ND St. stroking out of the way, I would like to say as long as two people boarded that flight, I’m pretty confident the gritty squad off York road will bring home the trophy.

One, of course, is all world  RB Terrance West (Northwestern High), who only ran for a FCS record 2,410 yards to go along with 40 freaking TDs (also a record). And it’s not like he’s been slacking in the playoffs as he dropped another record 356 yards on Eastern Illinois before hitting paydirt two more times in the semifinal win over Eastern Washington while going over 100 yards…again..

The other is friend of the BSR Podcast and my choice as best football coach in Maryland, Rob Ambrose. Just having the chance to interview this soon to be big time college football coach made me want to run through the glass doors in front of the Cook Library. And I flipping hate books. His even-keeled approach since he stepped foot on his alum mater campus’ has been on display and now the nation gets a taste of why I believe he will eventually leave for a BCS Conference job.

But that’s not something coach is thinking about or has been thinking about. His laser-focus has been on point all year or for that matter since he took over the program. It’s the next play, not the next game. The next play.

And with leaders like West (who could turn pro) and QB Peter Athens (who is excepted to start according to Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun) this Tiger team won’t be intimidated by the stage. Hell, this team just last year went down to Death Valley and took LSU to the buzzer. No offense, Bison Nation the Tigers of Towson have seen better teams.

Now of course this smack talk could come back to bite this hack come late afternoon Saturday. Maybe. The sharks in the desert have made the reneging back to back FCS champ Bisons’ as a 12.5 point favorite. I get it.

All I’m saying is I’ll put my chips in the Rob Ambrose, Terrance West basket and see where it takes me. And based on the way it has worked out so far this season, I should be popping bottles at Bill Bateman’s Saturday night.

Towson, 31-28.