I wasn’t at The Bank on Sunday, but you can bet the farm that if I was I would have been one of the many that booed the Ravens after an abysmal first half performance.  I pretty much did that in my Quick Hits post yesterday.

The fans were letting the home team have it and rightfully so.

“I don’t know if I would be booing, but I don’t go to a lot of football games,” Joe Flacco told WNST.  “I would probably be wanting to boo if I was in the stands too. We weren’t looking too good. We weren’t playing too well. So I think they have the right when we’re down 24-3 to be a little bit upset about how we’re playing.”

“You can deal with a little booing every now and then especially when we come back and win the game,” Flacco added.

“You got to truly respect them for saying ‘this ain’t what we’re used to,’ and it’s not,” Lewis said.

“We’re man enough to say ‘we know how to get you back in the game’ and that is go out, get stops, put points back on the board and we did that and our crowd got back into it.”