Behind the Fu Manchu is a confident Joe Flacco.  The Ravens quarterback has led his team to a division leading 8-3 record despite falling to the Titans, Seahawks and Jaguars.  Though many would admit that the Ravens have fallen flat against some of the NFL’s lower tier opponents, Flacco isn’t about to give in.

“To say we’ve had an up-and-down season, I don’t think that’s correct,” Flacco told the media on Thursday.  Though I disagree, I’m happy to see Flacco display such confidence in his team.

“We’re 8-3,” Flacco said. “There is nobody better than us in the AFC right now.

The Ravens have proven they can beat good teams, now they need to break their trend of falling asleep against teams they should beat.  They have a chance to do just that against the Browns in Cleveland this weekend.