You wanted Joe Flacco to be more vocal?  Well you got it.

The Ravens quarterback proved that behind the Fu Manchu is a guy that is frustrated with a lack of love from the media.  Flacco got chippy with the media on Wednesday, calling them out for their criticism of the Ravens offense.

“It’s really going to come down to what team is the best. I’m sure if we win, I’ll have nothing to do with why we won, according to you guys,” Flacco said according to Aaron Wilson at  “We’ve won a lot of games around here. This is the second year in a row we’ve won 12 games, I could care less. At the end of the day, do you see the criticism sometimes and say, ‘What the hell are they talking about?”

Wow.  Where did that come from?  Flacco all of the sudden is showing some personality.

In my expert opinion I think this rant should have come on Monday February 5th after the Ravens hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Indianapolis.  I’m all for the attitude, but be careful with the timing.  This is a good team with a great chance to make it to a Super Bowl.  Now if Baltimore falls on their face over the next two weeks, Joe is going to look pretty silly.

These comments come just about a month after Flacco criticized the media for their coverage of Tim Tebow.  Does someone need a little attention?

“You guys want everybody to be Aaron Rodgers and be Tom Brady, but you guys do realize, those guys don’t run the ball? If we try to do that, the criticism that we’d take around here would be ridiculous.”

I sure hope Cam Cameron has the same philosophy this month.

Flacco has certainly achieved some great feats. He’s been to an AFC Championship Game, made a dramatic comeback in Pittsburgh and is 44-20 during the regular season.  I’d take Flacco over Matt Ryan any day.  But I hope that he can take this team to the promised land because if he can’t these comments will be critiqued for a long offseason.


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