Dave Dameshek’s Shame Report on the NFL Network highlighted the Baltimore Ravens twice in five minutes.  Coming off an impressive win against one of the NFC’s best teams, you’d think they would get some love.

Turns out that Dave wasn’t a big fan of Flacco’s Fu Manchu and he listed it as the third most shameful story of week 12.  “Look at that facial hair,” he said.  “You can’t have that poor attempt at a Fu Manchu and a unibrow.”

Baltimore’s Gatorade bath for John Harbaugh after beating his brother’s 49ers earned them a clip in the lightning round of the Shame Report.  “And Ravens, another win, another Gatorade bath.  Stop wasting the Gatorade.  Sweaty athletes and hungover college kids could use that stuff.”

Seems a little nit picky, even for a light hearted sketch from a comedian.

A little Googling unearthed that Dameshek was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and that he used worked for KDKA in his hometown.  Bias against the Ravens? Shame on you Dave.