The Orioles wrapped up their first series of the year against the New York Yankees taking two out of three at Camden Yards.

As you certainly know, Baltimore represented their city well on Opening Day filling the stadium and out shouting the Yankee fans. While they were not able to sell out the second game of the series, the 22,000 fans in attendence still represented Birdland well, giving Mark Teixeira plenty of boos. Game three featured a few more New York fans, but certainly not as bad as the first two.

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Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

I had the privelege of attending the Bird’s first two games and I have to say that I am proud of how well we filled up the yard. Everyone knew that O’s fans would come out on Opening Day, they always do, but Wednesday worried me.

After Colin Cowherd’s comments on Tuesday about booing his lovechild Mark Teixeira, I think O’s fans were fired up and ready to boo even louder. They did just that on Wednesday. I have always had a problem with certain Yankees fans (not all of them) because they come into Camden Yards and are disrespectful.

Visiting other ballparks is perfectly acceptable, but the baggage Yankee fans bring as a guests in Baltimore has always bothered me. I’ll give you an example.

I sat in section 90 during Wednesday’s game in front of four Yankees fans. These guys bothered me from the moment they took their seats, and I had a strange feeling that they would not being leaving Camden Yards after the final out was recorded.

I was right.

The Orioles fans in my section were outspoken for their team but never used foul language or shouted at opposing fans. They booed the Yankees loudly and supported the Orioles even louder. During the 7th inning one of the Yankees fans came back into our section and threw his beer in an Orioles fan’s face. This obviously started a fight which resulted in four Yankees fans and three Orioles fans ejected from the game. While one of the Yankees fans was being dragged out of the Park he looked up and spit into our section.

I know this is an extreme case, but I see one like this every time I go to a Yankee game. So when people like Cowherd say things like, “Orioles fans are a symbol of what is wrong with America,” I would like to know what he thinks of fans that spit into a section of Baltimore fans at our home park.

What is worse, a sign that has the word “hate” or having to pull your kid out of the way flying spit from an angry fan?