Gary Williams sings praises for MarylandFormer Maryland Terps basketball coach Gary Williams listed his top five regional teams and, to no one’s surprise, listed Maryland number two.

2. Maryland – The GW game at the BB&T Classic was a tough game to play as the favorite, but they got it done. The ability to take care of the ball is key…not just turnovers. They need to be careful going forward because they can’t forget inside players. They will need to play inside-out with the depth they have inside

It’s tough to argue against Williams’ logic. Maryland has looked solid, although they haven’t faced a true threat since Kentucky.

Williams listed the Terps behind Georgetown and ahead of Virginia Tech, UVA and VCU respectively.

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  1. Interesting thoughts from Gary, especially considering we didn’t play GW this season. Georgetown is also one of the worst offensive teams in the country.

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