Along with the Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees and Cubs, the Baltimore Orioles reached out to the Miami Marlins about Giancarlo Stanton. The Marlins sold off most of their big pieces to Canada in a trade with the Blue Jays, but an unhappy 23 year old slugger — Stanton — remains in Miami.

Don’t get too excited about seeing Stanton in orange and black next season. It will probably cost the O’s a top prospect — say Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman — to make that type of move. I expect him to remain with the fish, but after their recent fire sale, it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

So would the Orioles move Bundy or Gausman for a guy like Stanton? If I were Dan Duquette, I wouldn’t. Pitching is far too valuable, especially in the AL East. Bundy has all the makings of a number one starter — a true ace — while Gausman should make the big leagues at a quick pace and projects to be a two or three.

Personally, I think the Orioles’ lineup is fine. It was pitching that made the difference last year and it’ll be pitching that carries (or sinks) them in the future.

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  1. We’ve got something to talk about on the podcast then, because I disagree with you here Zach. Bundy is obviously off the table, but Gausman? I recognize his ability as a top 10 draft pick, but Stanton is the most impressive power hitter I’ve seen in baseball. He lead all of baseball in slugging percentage this year, and hit 37 home runs in 123 games (arthroscopic knee surgery). Stanton is almost as rare of a find as a great pitcher: a young PROVEN power hitter whose stock will be on the rise for the next 5 years. He’s a lineup changer. If the Marlins want Bundy, tell them to kick rocks, but a deal can be centered around Gausman, take it.

  2. I most certainly would give up Gausman for Stanton. A straight up trade would be amazing deal for the O’s. However, I think it would take more (probably adding someone like Schoop into the mix). And you know what, I’d still make the deal. I know you win on pitching but we need a true clean up hitter. If we cannot pull off a trade for Butler, I’d like to see us make a push for someone else and Stanton would be a certerpiece for years. An outfield with Stanton, Jonesy, and Markakis….. wow oh wow.

  3. In DD We Trust.

    If DD sees fit to make this move, I’m all for it.

    In his first season, he’s earned the benefit of the doubt…at least for now.

  4. I honestly think the move that makes the most sense is trading for chase Headley. He hit a ton last year in Petco park, gold glove and silver slugger… Get him for third, Machado to as, hardy to 2nd.

  5. I’d trade Gausman in a heartbeat for Stanton. Stanton’s one of the best power hitters in the game and he just turned 23. If Gausman turns into a top-of-the-rotation starter, we can always get him back the next time the Marlins sell off the team.

  6. Do you really think the 2012 lineup was good? Go back and look at the number of batters hitting less than .250. The Os will not win again in 2013 with that kind of hitting.Buck did such a great job with this team it is unfathomable that they can repeat what they did. 29 one-run game wins, 16 straight extra inning wins just are not going to happen in 2013.There is a reason why Buck was voted so much for MOY while Dan D got no votes for GMOY,

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