Jimmy Paredes has certainly impressed at the plate this season. His teammates jokingly refer to him as Babe Ruth, but with a .355/.380/.684 slashline, maybe they’re actually serious.

A few different people have told me that Paredes’ batting stance closely resembles Robinson Cano‘s, so I went on MLB.tv, watch a few at-bats from each guy and was amazed at the similarities. Here’s a GIF I put together of both guys pulling home runs to right field:

A few things I noticed right away:

  • Both guys have a slight bounce in the front leg as they wiggle the bat
  • As the pitch approaches, they slightly pull in their right shoulder
  • Their hips seem to come through the zone ahead of the bat
  • As the bat comes through, the top hand is removed

Obviously the big difference here is that Cano starts with his right foot behind his left, but once the ball is delivered nearly everything looks the same.

Below, I put Parades swing on top of Cano’s. Check out how similar they really are:

Crazy stuff, right?