Justin Tucker punts ball into stands after Ravens win over Vikings

It’s nice to have a kicker we like again, eh Baltimore? Justin Tucker is a unique dude. The guys is an opera singing, multiple-language speaking, Ooh Kill ‘Em dancing, bad ass NFL kicker. Yeah, I said it. Tuck is a bad ass.

Need proof?

On the final play of the game on Sunday, Albert McClellan tackled Matt Asiata on a kick return as time expired. The Ravens dramatically defeated the Vikings 29-26 and Tucker celebrated by picking up the ball and punting it into the stands.

Bad. Ass.

It might get him fined, 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree and running back Frank Gore received $10,500 fines for throwing footballs in the stands after scoring last season. I have to imagine that Roger Goodell will slap Tuck on the wrist as well for his celebration.

Oh well.

GIF Credit: maxtheterp on Reddit