Nate McLouth picks up Chris DavisLast season Chris Davis carried Nate McLouth around the diamond like a rag doll after his walk off single against the Rays. It was awesome, a moment that I’ll always remember from the Orioles amazing 2012 season.

On Thursday night, McLouth returned the favor and picked up Davis after his walk off single against the Red Sox in the bottom of the 13th.

Here’s the GIF.

Chris  Davis picked up by Nate  McLouth after walk off

Looks like it was a little more work for Dash than for Crush.

Chris  Davis picks up Nate  McLouth after walk off against Rays

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  1. Glad to see that the the KG experiment is over (for now). Lets face it as much as we ALL want the Kid to be this years Manny, he ain’t ready fro prime time. They gave him five chances (totally 24 innings-ouch). The Birds cannot continue to burn up their pen every time that he pitches. Send him down to AAA and make him work on situational pitching. Granted he can throw a baseball through the wall, but sometimes it takes more than throwing in the majors to be a success. Do not, cannot understand why the Orioles do not hire Palmer to work with the O’s young throwers…he certainly critiques them in the booth. Maybe he could help them on the mound?

    • It’s not over. They needed an extra bullpen arm because of this game. I suspect KG will be back up soon, perhaps as soon as Miguel Gonzalez being on paternity leave.

      Gausman has struggled, but he held his own against a good lineup last night. If Matusz, who is a lefty specialist who was left in against too many righties, doesn’t blow the 7th then the Orioles probably don’t burn through their pen last night.

      Likewise, they had plenty of chances to break it open against Doubrant, and didn’t.

      It was a tough play, but perhaps Flaherty could have made a cleaner toss and got the DP to get them out of the 7th 4-3.

      They were down to Freddy Garcia and Chris Davis if they’d had to go on past 13, but let’s not pile the blame on Gaus.

      I believe Jim Palmer used to work with the pitchers in spring training. I don’t believe that he still does in an official capacity, but it sounds like he does give a lot of advice (not just from the booth). Not everyone can be Jim Palmer, even if you do everything he says. :-)

    • I guarantee the “experiment” isn’t over. They just sent him down because they’re going to need a fresh arm in the bullpen. He’s not the only one not going deep into games and who would you bring up to replace him that ALSO won’t just go 4 or 5 innings? Britton is doing well down at AAA, that’s about it, but until Chen comes back, Gausman is probbly it.

  2. Wow this was some great writing!

  3. Gausman pitched pretty well over all, but when he made a mistake it almost always resulted in someone in the bleachers getting a souvenir. Definitely not ready for prime time yet, but he’s got a lot of promise.

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