Nate McLouth has been an absolute monster at the plate. He belted a leadoff home run for the Orioles in Tuesday’s 7-2 victory over the Seattle Mariners and is hitting .346/.452/.513 on the young season.

McLouth showed he is human however when he air mailed a throw to third base after catching a Dustin Ackley fly ball. Dash’s reaction was just as priceless as the throw itself — so we had to GIF it.

Nate McLouth air mails a throw to third

The play ended up not costing the Orioles as Jason Hammel backed up the throw and ended the inning without allowing a runner to score. We can all laugh about it today.

Nate McLouth apologizes for his throw


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  1. Nate’s arm is the weakest part of his game. He’s got the pop, the speed, and the glove…the play the other night when Manny made the throwing error and JJ duped the runner into think he had the ball just showcased how weak Nate’s arm is.

  2. What a steal Nate has been. His arm is average, but he can really get to the ball, and is a valuable bat in the line up.

  3. Love this guy. He exemplifies some of the O’s players in the past .. Surhoff, Conine, Bordick .. guys that aren’t top level talent but come to play every day and make things happen. He’s having a great year so far and hope he continues.

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