Is there a player in baseball today that has gone more under-appreciated than Nick Markakis? There can’t be, right?

The guy consistently plays Gold Glove caliber defense, hits around .300 and up until last season was in the lineup every single day for the Orioles. Yet, he’s never been an All Star.

What a tragedy.

On Monday, Markakis continued doing what he does — making ridiculous catches in right field. Here’s a GIF of the snag he made on a fly ball hit by Erick Aybar in the top of the fifth.
Nick  Markakis makes a diving catch

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  1. Nick is a nice ballplayer , he is not an all star , his power numbers are way too low to be considered an all star right fielder,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your corner outfielders are supposed to produce home runs and Nick just doesn’t do it,,,,,,,,,,,,he is not as fast as most outfielders either,,,,,,,,like I said , he is a nice player but not an all star………….

  2. Spy must be some old fart who still moans about the DH and night games. Wake up Ayanbedjo, this is 2013. Run production is where it’s at. Players need to produce runs and Nick does that and produces extra base hits. you should stick with what you know like jewelry, men, and weenies and leave the sports talk to the men.

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