Nick Markakis has one of the best eyes in baseball. According to’s PITCHf/x data, Markakis swings at only 25.5 percent of the pitches he sees outside of the strikezone.

That’s why when home plate umpire Larry Vanover called a outside 0-1 changeup a strike, Orioles manager Buck Showalter went ballistics.

GIFs after the bump.

Buck Showalter ejected for arguing balls and strikes

Buck Showalter argues with umpire Larry Vanover

As you can see from Brooks Baseball’s PITCHf/x data, Vanover was way off in his strike two call on Markakis.

Nick Markakis PITCHf/x - August 3, 2013

It was Showalter’s second ejection this season, his 26th overall.

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  1. The Birds have got to get on a roll. While the BSR has preached all year “Just.Win.Series.” when you play teams like Houston and Seattle, you gotta win 5 of 6. “It’s getting late, early” as Yogi Berra might say. 61 wins, they’ll need to win 90 to get in, that’s 29-22the rest of the way with a September loaded with AL East opponents.

  2. Buck is pulling out all the stops to get the fellas going but as MGW said, if you cannot beat the bargain basement teams in your back yard,,,what happens when you make the west coast swing followed by the AL east. I’ve got my Ravens shirt on today, might be time?
    With each passing day, the Birds fall further down in the wild card standings.

  3. I don’t like the way this season is heading,,,,,,I have a bad feeling about the O’s and the way they are playing,,,,,,,,,,,nothing concrete mind you but it just doesn’t feel right,,,,,,,,,maybe Willo is right , it is time for some football,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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