There was much to be excited about out at the Yard on Friday. Chris Davis hit number 40, Nate McLouth belted his first career grand slam, the O’s offense scored 11 runs and Chris Tillman earned his 14th victory — but a seagull interrupting play in the eighth inning was by far the most hilarious moment of the night.

With two outs in the top of the eighth inning, the Camden Yards crowd noticed a lone bird hovering around the diamond. For this story’s sake, let’s name the gull “Snowball” — that’s what I called her from my seats in section five.

Seagull interrupts Orioles-Mariners game

As Michael Saunders stepped into the batter’s box, Snowball began to fly lower and lower circling the field. The crowd grew louder as the bird looked to make a landing.

Seagull flys around field at Camden Yards

Then, suddenly and without warning Snowball found a safe spot in left center and came in for the landing.

Seagull lands on field during Orioles-Mariners game

The crowd erupted and Saunders stepped out of the box to avoid the distraction/acknowledge Snowball’s accomplishment.

A few pitches later the gull took off over the rooftop bar in centerfield and into the night.

Farewell Snowball, may our paths cross again.