GQ magazine unveiled their list of the “Worst Sports Fans in America” and to the surprise of many listed the Maryland Terps basketball fans as fifth behind the Oakland Raider, West Virginia Mountaineers, Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies. No love for Philly there.

GQ’s Adam Winer listed five of Maryland’s riots after big wins as the reason they are listed at number five. Lame. At least go Scott Van Pelt on the Terps fans and call them out for not attending games.

I think the Terps are in interesting company on this list. Are they really as bad as Oakland Raider fans? I don’t fear being killed by a woman with black makeup and spikes coming out of her shoulders in the Comcast Center. So they set stuff on fire? Does it really mean they are worse than Red Sox or Yankees fans?

I don’t think so.

And if they are it’s because they don’t support their team when they are struggling. Call Maryland fans out for being bandwagon fans, not for rioting.

Hey, at least the Maryland Terps are being mentioned in the midst of the NCAA tournament.

As a side note, doesn’t the guy in the GQ picture look like Tracy Morgan?