I’m still waiting for an explanation on why Grantland.com’s Bill Barnwell hates the Ravens.  I enjoy reading the ESPN/Bill Simmons love child that is Grantland, but I just haven’t taken their NFL staff writer serious after he called the Ravens lucky when the embarrassed the Steelers in week one.

Barnwell’s anti-Ravens bias reared its ugly head again in week nine when he called Torrey Smith a “flop of the week” after he caught the game winning touchdown on the road in Pittsburgh.  “Again, maybe this is a little harsh for the player who scored the game-winning touchdown, but Smith also dropped what would have been the game-winning touchdown four plays earlier by slowing down on his route prematurely,” he wrote.

My favorite Ravens critic is back at it after Baltimore ran all over the Browns 24-10, this time calling out Joe Flacco.

Flop: Joe Flacco, who couldn’t capitalize on the incredible performance his running back was giving him. Flacco was just 10-of-23 for 158 yards and didn’t throw a touchdown pass, while just seven of Baltimore’s 24 first downs came through the air. He threw for just two first downs on third down all day, and naturally, one of them was to Rice.

I guess my problem with Barney (I’m calling him Barney now) is that he sees one side of the box score.  He listed Torrey Smith as a flop of the week despite the fact that the Ravens burned Steelers safety Troy Polamalu all game.  The same is true this week.

How about the Browns defensive line who surrendered 290 rushing yards or Colt McCoy who ran for his life all game or Peyton Hillis who struggled mightily against the Ravens defense?  None of the guys are flops?

I’ve asked it before, I’ll ask it again. Barney, why do you hate the Ravens?  When are you going to give them credit?