Not only did the Orioles lose their top of the rotation starter and a guy that eats up 200 innings a year, but in Jeremy Guthrie they lost one of the smartest and best personalities in that locker room.

On his way out the door, Guthrie thanked the Orioles organization for giving him an opportunity to play at the big league level and thanked the fans for supporting him over the past five seasons.

“You know I consider my career starting there,” Guthrie told Jim Duquette and Kevin Kennedy on MLB Network Radio.  “My first Opening Day roster and running down that orange carpet at Camden Yards was one of the thrills of my baseball career.”

Guthrie went on to say the he admired the way the organization respected its tradition and heritage.

“I loved every moment I had there and the fans were phenomenal,” Guthrie added.  “They deserve so much better than what we were able to give them on the field.”