Hakuna Machado - Manny Machado music videoYou’ve seen the t-shirt and that other t-shirt, but have you watched the music video? Hakuna Machado is the newest sensation around Baltimore.

By nothing short of a miracle, the MLB Fan Cave put together a music video of Manny Machado, his Orioles teammates, fans and broadcasters singing a reimagined version of the Disney Lion King Classic. They even got him to hold up this goofy picture of his face poorly photoshopped on a lion.

Machado’s role in the song is pretty spectacular, although Tommy Hunter sort of steals the show. J.J. Hardy, Adam Jones, Boog Powell, Jim Hunter and Mike Bordick also make appearances. Fan Cave alumn and Orioles public address announcer, Ryan Wagner, also does a special player intro for the video.

My favorite line: “He’s got a PHD in WebGemology.”

Video after the bump.

Yeah, this video rules.

Well done, Fan Cave. Well done.

Thanks to @Gwodzilla for tweeting us the link.