Haloti NgataHaloti Ngata signed a five-year, $61 million deal in 2011 and hasn’t been the same since. Last season, I excused his performance because it was quietly reported that Ngata was playing with nagging injuries — and some have reported that his knees and shoulders have contributed to his disappointing season this year.

In Sunday’s game against the Broncos, Ngata didn’t even record a solo tackle. He had one assist, finishing behind Terrence Cody who had a tackle and two assists.

Vinny Cerrato reported way back in July that Ngata looked out of shape and predicted that he would be the Baltimore Ravens‘ biggest disappointment this season. He probably didn’t see Joe Flacco’s collapse coming, however Ngata certainly hasn’t performed up to the expectations of his contract.

That seems to the be the trend of the season here in Baltimore.

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  1. Agreed. Before signing the contract Ngata was playing like Mean Joe Green. Since then another name comes to mind, Albert Haynesworth.

  2. Just one more overpaid player from Ozzie the great,,,,,,he should stop paying his so called super stars and put some real money in the o-line,,,,,,,,,,,and a real wide out for poor Joe,,,,,,,,they have yet to build around Joe but he gets all the criticism , they have built this team for Ray Rice and now don’t use him much , I’m confused…………………

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