As an Orioles fan, the Yankees have been quite the delightful train wreck this offseason from their collection of bums in their rotation, to their GM’s circus tricks around Christmas, to missing out on Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford and Kerry Wood. Add this weekend’s quotes from pity-party leader Mark Teixeira and you’ve got yourself more entertainment than a 3D movie starring a teen pop star Canadian.  While I’m not naive enough to think the Yankees won’t be in the playoff hunt this year, these antics have been more than humorous to watch from afar and I can’t help but hope that things blow up in the faces of the arrogant evil empire.

On Monday, Yankees co-chairman Hank Steinbrenner piled on to the embarrassment when he sounded off on Major League Baseball’s luxury tax rules after revealing that his club contributed $130 million between revenue sharing and luxury tax.  Hank offered a solution to Commissioner Bud Selig;”don’t put teams in minor markets.”

The full quote from the Boston Globe was really about Captain American Steinbrenner saving baseball Rocky IV-style from the evils of Communism.

“We’ve got to do a little something about that and I know Bud (Selig) wants to,” Steinbrenner said. “There’s a way. Obviously we’re very much allied with the Red Sox, and Mets and Dodgers and Cubs, in that area. At some point if you don’t want to worry about teams in minor markets, don’t put teams in minor markets or don’t leave teams in minor markets. Socialism, communism is never the answer.”

My issue with the Yankees is the arrogance that surrounds them. I’ll never argue against their success, their 27 World Series trophies and ability to gather fair weather fans and buy championships goes unmatched in the game. What I absolutely despise is this alternate universe that the organization lives in. This universe that allows them to pay $100 million more in luxury tax and revenue sharing than the Oakland A’s entire 2011 payroll.  It’s the same universe that makes Mark Teixeira think that even though he’s hitting in a lineup with Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano and playing on a team with a 2010 borderline Cy Young pitcher in CC Sabathia, that the Yankees are still underdogs.

In this universe, Hank’s universe, every team can spend $200 million a year and if players don’t work out, you simply write the next check and move on to the next one.  Of course, There are only a handful of markets that can afford to do that.  Every year people say that the Yankees are ruining baseball and the truth is that teams find ways to beat them.  The Giants won the World Series that way and the Rays have had their number in the East for the past couple years.

The evil empire may not be ruining the game, but they sure as hell are trying.