Ravens head coach John Harbaugh was surprised by the NFL’s $40,000 fine for Jameel McClain’s helmet to helmet hit on Heath Miller according to quotes from his WBAL show on Tuesday night. “I can’t imagine why they fined him so much,” Harbaugh said.

The coach believed that Jameel McClain attempted to hit with the proper technique, but was suspect to Miller going too low. “Jameel tried to go low. He did everything humanly possible to hit the tight end low. You fine a guy $40,000 for trying to apply the rule. He tried to do something that’s against the rule of physics. I say you’re taking someone’s money unfairly.”

Aaron Wilson of NFLFootballPost.com points out that the $40,000 fine is 11.75% of McClain’s $470,000 salary.

“He’s a first-time offender. Jameel, there was nothing he can do. I think the league understands that. I can’t imagine why they fined him so much.”

I tend to agree with Harbaugh’s quotes.  If McClain would have ripped off Miller’s helmet and punched him in the face it would have only costed him $25,000.  While his hit was dangerous and should have been fineable, Roger Goodell and the NFL’s continued inconsistency in fines is ridiculous.  But then again, I think fining a guy five grand for a tweet is stupid as well.

I realize that I spent the better part of last week criticizing James Harrison’s dirty play and fines, but I believe McClain’s hit was not intentional, while Harrison led with the crown of his helmet on all of his fined hits.

Do you think Jameel McClain was attempting to make a clean hit on Heath Miller?