This awkward handshake says it all...

Chuck Pagano may have been the only Ravens coach that I was impressed with this season.  Pagano returned the Ravens defense to their roots by getting back to an aggressive style and did a fantastic job masking a weak secondary.

The special teams and offensive coordinators as well as head coach John Harbaugh could all be questioned this season, but not Pagano and his third ranked defense.

Mike Preston of The Baltimore Sun reports that Pagano’s relationship with Harbaugh was “slightly strained.”  A source told Preston that that Pagano got into “a heated argument with Harbaugh in the closing minutes of the playoff game against Houston when the Ravens offense failed to run out the clock.”

The source said it would have been interesting to see how the two would have worked things out if Pagano returned to Baltimore.  “Their exchange was very heated.”

CBS cameras caught John Harbaugh pushing the Ravens kicking consultant Randy Brown during the Ravens decision to go for it on 4th and 6 on the Patriots 32 yard line with 2:53 remaining in the AFC Championship.

On a brighter note, Harbaugh’s relationship with Cam Cameron seems to be just peachy.  According to Preston, Cameron called the Ravens offensive assistants and gave them instructions for the upcoming weeks.  “[That’s] a sign that he will return next season.”

So the Ravens lose their best coach and appear to be keeping their worst.

This week sucks.

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