On Tuesday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh sat down with wide receiver Derrick Mason about returning for the 2009 season.

ProFootballTalk.com reported that Harbaugh is “optimistic and hopeful” that Mason will return to the Ravens for the start of the season.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

“He’s ready physically,” Harbaugh said. He’s in good shape and he’s healthy. He just wants to decide if he’s mentally ready.”

The 35 year old wide receiver stated that his “retirement” did not have to do with a contract dispute with the Ravens, but Harbaugh told the media that it was discussed in their conversation.

“He wants to make sure he’s in the right frame of mind to compete at the level he’s competed at his whole career, which is a warrior-type level,” the Raven’s second year head coach said.

“Up until Derrick officially retires, then he’s still a member of the Baltimore Ravens,” Ozzie Newsome said.

Let’s hope that Derrick never files the paper work and we continue as planned.