John Harbaugh was asked about the hype surrounding the Steelers coming into Baltimore in his post game press conference on Sunday and his answer was dismissive, or “bush league” and “uncalled for” according to a reporter at WNST.

“All the hype and all the talk, what are you talking about,” Harbaugh asked. “Last time we played them, was there talk? Or was there mutual respect exchanged?” The Ravens head coach went on to say that he didn’t want history to be changed, “If I remember all the stories, that’s exactly what I read, so let’s not be changing history here. We respect them.”

The war of words is always exchanged between the Ravens and Steelers.  Harbaugh acknowledged the trash talk back in September.  He was quoted in Press Box saying, “They won’t talk as much as is going to be said throughout the week. We’ve played them too much and they’ve played us too much. If something gets said, it gets said.”

Ryan Clark spoke of the Ravens a bit disrespectfully back in October.  After Terrell Suggs said that the Ravens do respect the Steelers, but don’t like them, Clark fired back saying “To me, the Ravens are just another football team.”  He went on, “I am not scared they are going to take my lunch money.”

Clark alluded to dirty play by the Ravens,“It’s funny, you hear a lot of things coming out of there that certain people take cheap shots and this and that, but when Ray does it or when Ray hits a guy coming across the middle, it’s cool,” Clark said.

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