It’s been a long road for the Sergio Kindle.  The linebacker was taken with the Ravens first pick in 2009, but missed the entire season after failing down two flights of stairs and fracturing his skull.  Kindle battled back from the injury this preseason and looked as though he was ready to make a difference for the Ravens on the field in 2011, but has yet to suit up.

This week Kindle was once again on the inactive list despite a number of injuries the Ravens faced heading into week three against the Rams.  In his Monday press conference John Harbaugh was asked about Kindle’s health and when Ravens fans should expect see to see him on the field.  Harbaugh gave as honest of an answer as he could.

“If you’re not dressing it’s because you’re not good enough yet,” Harbaugh candidly told the media.  “We dress the best players.”  You have to wonder if Kindle isn’t good enough because he still isn’t fully healthy or if his time off the field has hindered his development as a valuable asset to the Ravens.

“It’s a very competitive deal,” Harbaugh continued.  “Sergio is young, he’s talented and he works hard.”

Kindle’s development continues to be a work in progress for the Ravens. “[His first start] could be this week, might be five weeks, might be ten weeks, we don’t know.”