Wide receiver continues to be a position that the Ravens look to improve upon.  This season they saw a breakout rookie performance from Torrey Smith and added the veteran Lee Evans from Buffalo.

But according to John Harbaugh, who’s out in Indianapolis for the NFL combine, the Ravens still aren’t content.  “We’re looking,” Harbaugh told 105.7 The Fan’s Jerry Coleman.  “I think a receiver in the draft is a big possibility,” he added.

Harbaugh was specific about the type of receiver that the Ravens are looking for and says that quite simply, they want a guy with good hands.  “Obviously the number one thing we’re looking for is a guy who can catch.  That may sound obvious, but sometimes you get caught up in other things.”

If the Ravens do bring in a wide receiver this offseason, I don’t see it being from free agency due to their salary cap restrictions.  I wrote this week that Mike Wallace isn’t realistic and stand by it.  Matt Lund and I discussed the possibility of Pierre Garcon from Indianapolis coming to Baltimore on this week’s BSR Podcast.

Still, don’t be surprised if the roster doesn’t change.  “We do like the guys we have,” Harbaugh said.