Not surprisingly, HBO wants to feature Rex Ryan’s circus in New York once again on the 2012 season of “Hard Knocks.”  What is surprising is that according to Adam Schein of, Ryan is against the show highlighting his New York Jets.

Ryan apparently doesn’t want the “atmosphere around the Jets after last season’s bickering and collapse and this offseason’s trade for Tim Tebow.”  Give credit where credit is due, good for Rexy for taking three years to learn how to finally handle the media.

Other teams on HBO’s hit list include the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens.  Seems like HBO has a little obsession with the Harbaugh boys.

I still say there’s a better chance of me getting struck by lightning while sitting on the back of a unicorm than the Ravens saying ‘yes’ to “Hard Knocks.”  They won’t even let fans watch their practices, why would they let in television cameras?

HBO also reached out to the Broncos after they signed Peyton Manning, but “were flat out denied.”

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  1. Ansolutely, 100% no chance this happens under Harbaugh’s watch. Could you imagine listening to Coach Lightyear and his rehearsed lines every week on HBO? It’s bad enough listening to his presses when he tries to pretend he has a personality. No way this happens.

  2. Plus Coach Lightyear would be so phony… He’d have the ice cream truck at practice everyday like he had it show up when Peter King from Sports Illustrated was at Ravens camp for a couple of hours…

    It would be too sickening to watch the clown Harbaugh and his phony shit.

    Could see it now…

    Coach Harbaugh: Good catch Torrey

    Torrey Smith: Ah, thanks coach

    Coach Harbaugh: For making that catch in practice here’s a “Varsity” jacket for you

    Torrey Smith: But coach, I’m out of high school

    Coach Harbaugh: Torrey, I feel like I’m coaching 14 year olds and the “Hard Knocks” crew is here so please take it.

    Torrey: Ah, ok coach.

    Coach Harbaugh: Ok, who wants ice cream?

  3. I don’t get the vitriol towards Harbaugh that takes place on the comment section here. He’s won 44 games and led the only team in football to make four consecutive playoffs in the past four years (and at least one win in each postseason). Yeah, he speaks in cliches and doesn’t divulge press-friendly sound bites, but he’s gotten the team to respond well. And before anyone says, “Any coach could win with that team,” consider the Eagles, Jets, and Chargers just to name a few. It’s not easy to win in this league, not to mention win this consistently.

    • Well said. There’s nothing but haters here and wanna-be’s that are pissed they couldn’t make it to the big leagues. They cry the same old story “Harbaugh can’t do this .. ” and “xyz would’ve done this better ..” and that’s why they’re sitting on the couch, at home.

      The stats don’t lie and he’s proven himself as a winner. The team was old and had nothing on the offensive side of the ball when he took over and he has quietly improved this team earning the respect of the league as being one of the better teams year-in year-out. This all being in the first four years of being a coach!!! This is what most people forget is that he has never even been a head coach so props to him for jumping on the perfect opportunity.

      As for Hard knock’s, its a curse and I hope this org turns them down.

      • Baltimore just has some stupid fans sometimes,,,,they want more and more and are never respectful of what they have……After all, we could be Miami or Buffalo fans whose organizations don’t care and it shows in how their teams suck……OR,,,,,maybe all the haters are really Redskins fans just wishing they had something this good……

  4. I agree with MGW and The Intimidator,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Jay, you happy with one win and done in the playoffs?,,,,,, This from a team that should have won at least one Super Bowl in the last four years?

    Those teams you named,,,,,,, two of them have exactly the same coach that Harbaugh is, a coach who can’t win big games,,,,,,,,, Andy Reid and Norv Turner,,,,,,, Throw in Marty Schottenheimer and you have Harbaugh all rolled up as all 3 put together,,,,,,, Have good teams but the coaches choke come big game time,,,,

    And the other team you mentioned, the Jets, that coach, Rex Ryan took his team further than Harbaugh took the Ravens two of the years by going to the AFC Championship game 2 years running,,,,,,, And with less talent,,,,,,,,,, You know, Flacco, according to you Raven fans is a great Top 5 QB while Mark Sanchez is a bum but he took those Jets further.,,,,,,,,,,

    And you say Harbaugh got this team to respond well,,,,,,, If you knew the half of it. Of how the veterans can’t stand Harbaugh and the shit Harbaugh does,,,,,,, This team wins despite Harbaugh. If they had a real coach not Bisciotti’s corporate (as MGW calls him) community organizer this team would have won the big game.

  5. Well, they’ve never been one and done. They always won at least one playoff game. One and done is the term used to describe a team that makes the playoffs but loses its first game. Secondly, Harbaugh’s taken his team to two AFC championship games just like Rex, so I don’t get your point there.

    I guess you have some inside scoop on player dissention, but I seem to remember veterans openly dissenting from Billick, who had taken the ravens to the promised land. No such word has come out against Harbaugh in his time here. Not yet anyway. The only complaining I hear is from people who think they know more about football than they really do. People who think the Ravens should win the SuperBowl every year. It’s not easy. Even if you presume you’re the best team, it’s not easy. And to say Harbaugh has choked in big games….that’s just unfounded. Did he blow the game in Pittsburgh two years ago in the playoffs or did his players not make plays when they needed to (bolden, housh come to mind, rices first fumble of the year)? Did he have the team poised to go to the SB before a guy couldn’t reel in a TD pass and his kicker botched a gimme? These are not coaching errors or motivational issues. These are the types of bad breaks that sometimes keep better teams from winning.

    Am I happy we haven’t won a super bowl? No, but I love the fact that we’ve been good enough and well coached enough to have a legitimate shot. There are at least 28 other teams that are envious of us every year. That should tell you something.

  6. Do you read Jay? I said “one win and done”, not “one and done”

    You talk about Harbaugh taking his team to 2 AFC Championship games just like Rex but you busted on Rex and the Jets on your last message which is why I busted on you.

    Wasn’t it Harbaugh WHO DIDN’T call a timeout last year to allow Cundiff time to kick the field goal at the end of the Patriots game?

    You just like to say things when it suits you. Or hear what you want to hear…

    Like talking to Chow, you just get gibberish back…

    • Admittedly my reading skills do deteriorate by midnight. But either way, winning at least one playoff game in EVERY one of his four year careers pretty damn good, especially considering in the first three years, each win was on the road. In two of those years, he’s won two. Not calling a timeout to let Cundiff kick a fg? If that’s the best you can do to criticize him, then theres no sense debating this point…or “busting on each other,” as you see it (which may be part of the problem). Kickers have the option to call their own timeout if they feel they’re not ready. That way, the coach doesn’t ice their own kicker if the kicker doesn’t want/need the extra time. Harbaugh may not be perfect, but there’s nothing wrong with what he did there.

  7. Wake up Jay , these guys are correct,,,,,,the players just will not play hard for Harbaugh when it counts , just watch, it happens plenty , they just do not respond well to his coaching techniques……………

    • I’m one of the haters,,,,,,one of those guys that should just sit on the couch and shut my mouth……….

  8. …Or we can just be the Philadelphia Eagles and roll up AWESOME 13-3 records and lose every year in the playoffs.

  9. Is it just me or does MGW, The intimdator, and Ravens2488 seem like the same guy? I think he is getting on with a different name and agreeing with himself. Either that or they are gay lovers.

    • They’re gay lovers. Just look at that gay handle bar mustache he has. Dress him up in a cowboy outfit and he’s a lock for the Village people.

    • Damn, I am never agreeing with anyone on this blog again. When I agree with those gays, I mean guys, who out there is thnking I’m gay? You Anvil…you Dude?

      I don’t want anyone else thinking I’m gay. Not that I am gay or not gay but I am closer to gay than not gay but not really gay and not really not gay. Know what I mean?

  10. Obviously these are not my post’s………

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