Nolan ReimoldI’ve seen more unicorns than I’ve seen healthy Nolan Reimolds. Apparently, this mythological creature has already reported to spring training in Sarasota, has faced live pitching and is ready to go in 2013.

“He’s just about all the way there,” Buck Showalter told’s Brittany Ghiroli. “The medical thing with [head athletic trainer Richie Bancells] today, he stood right here and gave it to us today. He’s a full-go. We’re going to go off of Nolan.”

The 29 year old outfielder has assembled quite the fan club in Baltimore. He hit .313/.333/.627 over 16 games with the Orioles last season before being shutdown with a lingering neck injury.

Reimold was called up by the O’s in 2009 and hit .279/.365/.466 with 15 home runs and 45 RBI over 104 games. Since that time he’s played in just 39, 87 and 16 games over his next three seasons. Until Reimold puts up quality numbers over a full season, I’m not going to believe he can be a contributor on this roster.

Hopefully he proves me wrong this year.

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  1. 30 games into the season at best,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,last chance and a total bust for the O’s left field spot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just the beginning of another lost season for the o’s fans……………I forget , can someone remind me of the big impact moves the O’s made to keep pace with Toronto…………………

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