BaltimoronsThe Baltimorons (a proud member, along with our sister wife podcasts, of the Baltimore Sports Report Network), are attempting a bold new initiative with our next episode. Specifically, we will endeavor to predict the future.

Since Morons co-host Sam will be performing in RISK! at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival next week, we have already recorded our next show, in which we have tried to answer the following questions as to how things will be looking for the Orioles on Wednesday of next week (when we would normally roll tape):

  1. What will the Orioles W-L record entering play on August 30th?
  2. How many games back in the division and wild card race will we be?
  3. How many home runs will Chris Davis have?
  4. Will the Houston Astros still have a mathematical shot at the post-season?
  5. Will Jim Johnson be:
    a) the closer
    b) the longman
    c) teaching economics at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa?

Leave us your predictions in the comments, and let’s find out if any of us has extra-sensory perception!