In the closing game of the inaugural Under Armour I-95 High School Challenge, Patterson takes on Lincoln, New York City’s top-ranked team.

Patterson is led by superstar point guard Aquille Carr, and the Clippers will face a tough test tonight against the loaded Railsplitters (yes, that is their team name) out of Coney Island.

9:57 PM-Lincoln, 71-66. Final. This one was a classic, one of the best games I’ve ever witnessed. It was the Carr and Whitehead show tonight, and Whitehead ended up winning the battle.

9:51 PM-Lincoln, 67-63, Overtime, 1:24. Isaiah Whitehead has scored all four of Lincoln’s points in this overtime period. Patterson needs to start hitting their shots with a minute and a half left.

9:45 PM-Tied, 63-63. Overtime. Isaiah Whitehead made this game look like it was over, but Myrek Fowlkes answered back with a game-tying three pointer with eight seconds left. Aquille Carr stole the ball from Whitehead as he tried to hit a game winning shot. Now, four minutes of overtime to decide what has been an absolute classic basketball game.

9:36 PM-Lincoln, 59-56, 4th, 2:16. Classic finish coming. It’s been all Carr and Whitehead tonight, and it’s been extremely entertaining.

9:28 PM-Lincoln, 53-51, 4th, 4:46. Aquille Carr seems like he’s really in the zone now, continually getting to the basket and being fouled. Patterson now gets the double bonus on every foul, so that could really work to the Clippers’ benefit. Carr has 30 on the night.

9:20 PM-Lincoln, 52-46, End 3rd. Lincoln went on a mini-run to close out the third quarter, capped off by an awesome display of athleticism by Isaiah Whitehead. Aquille Carr made some new highlights in the third quarter; the kid is insane. It’s been a good matchup with him and Ethan Telfair all night.

9:14 PM-Tied, 44-44, 3rd, 2:30. This has been a physical third quarter, and every loose ball is being fought hard for. This one looks to culminate in a great finish.

9:02 PM-Lincoln, 37-33, 3rd, 6:19. Aquille Carr has come out firing in the second half. He’s scored Patterson’s first four points using scintillating moves to the basket, and was unlucky on a third lay-up attempt that rimmed out. Inside presence Shakir Brown has four fouls, and his absence could be big down the stretch.

8:38 PM-Lincoln, 33-29, Halftime. It’s been a physical half, especially when Aquille Carr touches the ball. Lincoln seems determined to foul Carr whenever he has an opportunity, but he’s been converting well from the line. Isaiah Whitehead is a primetime shooter for Lincoln, he’ll be a stud by the time he reaches the college level.

8:30 PM-Lincoln, 26-25, 2nd, 3:05. Aquille Carr had some early difficulty, but now seems to be finding his rhythm, as he’s converted on three consecutive shots. Myrek Fowlkes is also shooting well for the Clippers.

8:19 PM- Lincoln, 18-16, End of 1st. It’s been a very even first quarter, with neither team rattling off any significant runs. Isaiah Whitehead and Aquille Carr are clearly two superstars, and they’re each attracting double teams on every touch.

8:14 PM-Lincoln, 14-10, 1st, 2:48. Aquille Carr showed a flash of brilliance, beating two defenders off the dribble and finishing an impressive finger roll around a 6’10” center. It’s a fast game right now, with the two teams trading blows.

8:06 PM-Lincoln 7-2, 1st, 6:22. Patterson is having some trouble finding quality shots, and Aquille Carr is being held off the ball well by the Lincoln guards. This one is already very high-paced, with both teams running the break early.