Win or lose, the second that time expires in New England Joe Flacco’s play will be examined under a microscope by both national and local media —  and whatever you consider us here at BSR.

In all fairness, Flacco sort of put the bullseye on his back when he scrutinized the media and told them that they thought he wouldn’t be a part of a win against the Texans.  In the end he was right about that.

Things got worse when Ed Reed went on national radio and criticized Flacco’s performance by telling listeners that he has to get better to give the Ravens any chance in the AFC Championship.

Surprisingly enough, the guy that seems to have the most faith this week in the Ravens QB is Hines Ward.  In a Q&A with NFL Total Access on the NFL Network, Ward gave Flacco a vote of confidence before his matchup against one of the games elite quarterbacks, Tom Brady.

“Joe can win.  He has to play a great game against the Patriots, but he can win.  He’s a winner,” Ward said.  That certainly isn’t what LaMarr Woodley thinks.