It sure seems like Adam Jones is always the hero for the Orioles doesn’t it? The Orioles center fielder belted what he called the biggest homer of his career during a tie game on September 6 against the Yankees and his clutch heroics continued into last night.

In another extra-inning game, Jones cranked his 30th home run of the season out of Safeco Field to give the O’s a 3-1 lead. Of Jones 30 homers, 19 have tied the ballgame or given the Orioles the lead. 16 of those have been of the go-ahead variety.

The Orioles are 20-8 when Jones hits one out of the ballpark.

If that’s not the definition of clutch hitting, I don’t know what is.

Tommy Hunter approves.

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  1. the same could be said for O’Day,Johnson, McClouth, Markakis and can’t forget our friend Teagarden. Jones has been money this year! it’s nice to see a player in an Oriole uni actually be clutch instead of seeing it for the other team.

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