Just How Clutch Is Adam Jones?

Just How Clutch Is Adam Jones?


It sure seems like Adam Jones is always the hero for the Orioles doesn’t it? The Orioles center fielder belted what he called the biggest homer of his career during a tie game on September 6 against the Yankees and his clutch heroics continued into last night.

In another extra-inning game, Jones cranked his 30th home run of the season out of Safeco Field to give the O’s a 3-1 lead. Of Jones 30 homers, 19 have tied the ballgame or given the Orioles the lead. 16 of those have been of the go-ahead variety.

The Orioles are 20-8 when Jones hits one out of the ballpark.

If that’s not the definition of clutch hitting, I don’t know what is.

Tommy Hunter approves.