Yesterday Orioles first baseman Aubrey Huff was interviewed by local media about the first half of the season.

His comments were, well, interesting.

“We’re not even at .500, how can you be satisfied,” Huff told the media. “We haven’t played that well on either side of the ball. When we pitched, we didn’t hit, when we hit we didn’t pitch. Sometimes we didn’t do either or play defense that well and you’re not going to win a lot of games that way.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Huff’s in-your-face comments shouldn’t come as a shock and he’s right about the play.

“We don’t have a great record, but you know, a whole lot of that has to do with getting new faces in here, learning to play the game. Getting young players here, they are going to take their lumps and learn on the job. That’s what they did in Tampa, it takes time.”

The media asked Aubrey about the difference between a winning team like Boston and a team like Baltimore.

“You can’t compare us to Boston. We’re not going to go out and spend 200 million dollars a year. That’s an unfair comparison. Anyone can go out and spend 200 million on a team and win. We have to build from within our organization, develop our young guys and get players from our farm system.”

I like that Aubrey isn’t happy with 40 wins, he expects more from the team and he sees the big picture.

What did you think of Aubrey’s comments?