Mark down the day. Friday April 15. The first day I ever agreed with a Red Sox fan.

Sully Baseball’s Paul Francis Sullivan posted a great video on his website about the drunk fans at baseball games. In his comedic look at the fights in the bleachers, Sully points out better ways to act like an idiot at a ball game without ruining the experience for those around you.

It seems as though every week sports blogs highlight fans fighting in the stands of pro sporting events or morons that run on the field during a game. Sully has had enough and I’m with him.

I believe that tailgating and alcohol have permanently changed professional football. So much so that after attending a Ravens vs Colts Sunday night game a couple years ago I saw alcohol related activities I never wish to witness after paying $85 for a seat. So I swore off games after 1 PM starts.

While I tend to think baseball is much more relaxed than football, Sully is right about fan’s behavior in general (except for the part about singing Sweet Caroline).

Now if only we could get his Red Sox fans out of our beloved Camden Yards…That’ll solve a lot of the problem.