I can’t claim to know much more about Maryland football than what I’ve read from Patrick Guthrie here on BaltimoreSportsReport.com.  While writing for the BSR last night, I had the Maryland game on ESPN 3 on my second monitor here at our headquarters.  By headquarters I mean my desk in the living room, and yes I have two monitors hooked up to my computer because I’m cool like that.

As I watched the Terps line up against the Hurricanes I couldn’t help but think that they look damn good in their new uniforms.  I know a lot of people have called them ugly or busy or stupid or nasty or anything negative because we’ve become so used to plain, boring uniforms.  Like Miami’s.

To me, Maryland’s new uniforms represent not only a new beginning under Head Coach Randy Edsall, but a futuristic look and new style in sports uniforms.  I think in years down the road we’ll look back and laugh at the old style or featureless jerseys.  The throwbacks will be the plain color uniforms and paints with a simple logo on the helmet and sleeve.

A text conversation that I had with a friend last night. My comments are in green.

Maybe my love for Maryland’s new look has more to do with my obsession with Under Armour, a Maryland company that I not only take pride in for creating something local, but for also creating something that is revolutionary and of extraordinary high quality.  I’m not being paid by Under Armour to write this, but I think that their story of going from a small sports apparel company to a world-wide phenomenon that has completely changed their industry  is truly remarkable.  This small company has Nike panicking about their failure to adapt to a changing industry.  And yeah, all of that has happened right here in Baltimore. It’s a story not much different than that of our corporate sponsor, GableSigns, which began with a passion and love for art and design and started as a small business in a garage. Today GableSigns’ work can be seen around the world and their state-of-the-art facility happens to be just down the street from Under Armour’s headquarters. Quite fitting.

I’m glad that Maryland is the first to take the leap in this evolving look.  What better location than the birthplace of the company that changed it all?


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