Though it seems so long ago, HBO’s infamous documentary series about NFL training camp, Hard Knocks, started at McDaniel College just months after the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.  Now the show returns for its sixth season and is seeking a home after being denied by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Detroit lions and Minnesota Vikings.

The National Football Posts’s Joe Fortenbaugh listed the Ravens among his five teams that he would like to see highlighted by HBO this season.  The others included the Washington Redskins, the New Orleans Saints, the Oakland Raiders and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There’s a reason why ESPN has been running that Ray Lewis interview for what seems like the last 18 days: The guy is as passionate and engaging as they come. And at 36-years-old, we only have so much time left with Ray Ray before he rides off into the sunset. Yes, the Ravens were on Hard Knocks back in 2001, but this is a Super Bowl contender loaded with storylines. Imagine watching Lewis and safety Ed Reed take troubled rookie cornerback Jimmy Smith under their wings. Or watching Joe Flacco try to prove his naysayers wrong by taking the next step and emerging as an elite NFL signal-caller. I guarantee that you would be tuning in every week just to see what Ray Lewis says next.

In my non-expert, fan biased opinion, I don’t see Ravens coach John Harbaugh allowing camera crews to follow the team around at training camp. Harbs has locked down practices from the media, adding attention to his team doesn’t seem to go with his mentality as head coach.

But, I’ll ask the same question that the Baltimore Sun’s Matt Vensel did; would you like to see the Ravens followed by HBO for Hard Knocks?  I absolutely would, but I know a number of fans probably don’t want the publicity.  What are your thoughts?