Free agency hasn’t even begun and I already find myself disappointed in the Orioles progress this offseason.  I’m typically an Orioles optimistic, so much so that I’ve frequently been accused of being an apologist.  But I must admit, it’s only November 1 and I find myself already frustrated with how things have gone this offseason.

The Orioles knew that President of Baseball Operations Andy MacPhail was going to step down after his contract expired, everyone seemed to, but the O’s don’t seem to be in much of a hurry to find his replacement even though there are executive decisions to be made.  Who’s making them?  Don’t say Buck.

My gut tells me that no matter who the Orioles hire that I will be disappointed.  I don’t want to be, but I just have a felling that I will be.  The early indications and news about the GM hiring process seem to be proving me right.  John Stockstill, Orioles director of player development, has been interviewed but the O’s aren’t even contacting Rangers Assistant General Manager Thad Levine.  Why?

It seems like the big teams are already making their moves.  The Cardinals didn’t waste any time announcing Tony La Russa’s retirement, the Yankees re-signed CC Sabathia and the Braves traded Derek Lowe.  Meanwhile the Orioles remain quiet.

I want to be proven wrong.  I want the 20th anniversary of Camden Yards to be a season that keeps me excited to watch the Orioles into September.  I want to have something more to talk about than the Cartoon Bird returning in 2012.  But so far I haven’t been given any reason to think that anything will be different next year.


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