I’m so sick of Boston winning championships.  Last night, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup in a 4-0 game seven win over Vancouver, which makes the New England Patriots the team with the longest championship drought in Boston.  C’mon.  It’s almost unfathomable.

The truth of the matter is that fans of the Boston teams likely didn’t care about hockey until about a week ago.  In case you were wondering, they were ranked 72nd in ESPN’s ultimate team rankings.

In the past 10 years, Boston has won two World Series, one Stanley Cup, an NBA title and three Super Bowls.  Thinking about thouse seven championships in ten years makes me sick to my stomach.  The teams that I cheer for haven’t won a a championship during that span and in all likelihood, a Boston team will probably win another before any of my teams do.

It makes Boston and Red Sox nation, that much easier to dislike.  It’s almost enough to riot in the streets like they were doing in Vancouver last night.

Okay, probably not.

But you get my point.  There’s nothing worse than when success breeds front running fans and the past ten years have done nothing but snowball that affect for the New England area.  I can only imagine the Brady, Pedroia and Chara jerseys that kids are sporting in middle schools across the country.  It drove me crazy as a 12 year old and it drives me crazy now.

I guess that’s why when I had friends saying that they were cheering for the Bruins to win the Cup, I just couldn’t do it.  Even though the U.S. lost to Canada in the Olympics, I couldn’t root for that city.  Not now, not ever.  They’ve had enough trophies and enough success.