Today on ZardCast, the guys return to talk about the Washington Wizards big move for Markieff Morris at the trade deadline, an up-and-down start after the All Star break, Garrett Temple’s Temple Run, a packed “This Week in John Wall” and much more.

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Topics discussed include:

  • The guys are back! They took off a week for the All Star Game, CT was in Florida this week
  • The Wizards are players at the trade deadline once again, bringing in Markieff Morris
  • Erinie Grunfeld disrespects the draft
  • Washington signs J.J. Hickson. The guys know nothing about him, but he’s not DeJuan Blair so it’s ok
  • CT doesn’t remember watching the Utah Jazz game, was engrossed by a Terps loss instead. Dave doesn’t remember a whole lot either
  • It was ironic and coincidental that Markieff played his brother Marcus Morris in his first game for the Wizards
  • Which parts of the Alan Morrisette song “Ironic” is actually irony
  • CT overreacts to the Zards losing to Miami on Twitter, but still mostly stands by his overreaction
  • Wizards beat the Pelicans. New Orleans is garbage. John Wall able to notch a triple double on a poor shooting night
  • Facing an undermanned Chicago Bulls team, Washington blows it. Can’t have another loss like that the rest of the way
  • What’s up with Randy Wittman’s funky starting lineup? Brad Beal needs to start, as does Markieff Morris
  • Garrett Temple has at least one Temple Run every game. His game is not meant for the Eurostep
  • Running through the Eastern Conference standings
  • Stringing wins together has long been a problem for Randy Wittman teams
  • Randy’s speeches in the locker room probably sound garbled
  • Alan Anderson returns!
  • This Week in John Wall
  • Dave reveals he worked at Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s either only has the muffins or the chicken biscuit all day — Never both
  • Discussing Wall’s comments on the crowd going wild for the free chicken sandwiches
  • Interesting nuggets from the Michael Lee piece on John Wall
  • Wall wasn’t a big fan of all the short contracts the Wizards signed during the offseason
  • Dave doesn’t sympathize with him too much after Wall admits he was out of shape the first month of the season
  • The guys are rolling in advertising money