We’re still a game away from making sure that the Ravens are really for real, but there is no denying that the similarities between the Super Bowl Champion Ravens and this years squad.

Come on. A low seed that never looked like it stood a chance, a win on the road against the Titans, and the Super Bowl in Tampa.

Ray Lewis - Super Bowl XXXV MVP

The Ravens aren’t the power house of the NFL. Not at all actually…but more importantly, they find ways to win.

In 2000 the Ravens did not have a stunning offense, but they had a leader in Trent Dilfer that did not make mistakes. Enter Joe Flacco. His playoffs numbers are less than stellar, but here’s one that impresses. How about 0 interceptions? How about 0 sacks? Joe Cool is finding ways to win.

Defense wins championships right? What about when Terrell Suggs and Samari Rolle are out most the second half? No problem. The rest of the D steps up and causes the 13-3 Titans to turn the ball over 3 times in crucial situations.

So maybe the answer isn’t a simple ‘Yes‘. But the stars are starting to line up in the Ravens favor.