We sure have spent the better part of this week being glooming about the Washington Capitals, haven’t we? Tuesday morning Dave Gilmore detailed Bruce Boudreau’s inevitable dismissal as the Capitals coach, then Steve Giles broke down what’s wrong with the Caps’ offense.

Justin Bourne of Puck Daddy wrote an interesting article that searched for the root of Alex Ovechkin’s slumping season.  

He came to the conclusion that the Great Eight may simply be out of shape.

The fact is, if you’re tuckered 20 seconds after stepping on the ice, your cardio simply isn’t up to snuff. The expectation in our game is that shifts are short because they’re essentially sprints. Those of us who play rec league know that, yes, it is possible to coast around out there for six straight minutes; but it’s probably not the most effective game plan when you have more than one or two extra bodies on your bench.

And that’s how I feel Ovechkin has looked this year — great in bursts, but unable to sustain any lasting pressure.

Bourne’s explanation is an interesting one and one that Capitals’ fans will not likely wish to hear. He says that at this stage in in career and with the support of Alex Semin and Nicklas Backstrom, Ovechkin should be having a “Michael-Jordan-in-his-prime” type season.

The other option, according to Bourne, is that Ovie is “disinterested,” which fans really don’t want to hear.

Why do you think Alex Ovechkin’s numbers are down this season?