Reports recently surfaced that Cal Ripken discussed a possible position with the Orioles in a baseball capacity, but was turned down by Peter Angelos. Ken Rosenthal of reported the story, claiming that sources told him that Angelos declined Cal’s interest, primarily because he didn’t want Cal to get the credit if and when the team returned to prominence. However, Angelos has refuted the report, telling ESPN the Magazine’s Buster Olney that no such discussion took place; and that if Cal wanted to sit down and discuss a role in the organization, he would be more than happy to meet with him.

Many fans (myself included) would love to see Cal Ripken, Jr. with a meaningful role in the Oriole organization, if indeed that is what he wants. Ripken as of yet has neither confirmed or denied that he has met with the team to discuss a role. There are those out there who would categorize Angelos’ purported decision to deny Cal a role as more of the meddling we had been accustomed to before Andy MacPhail began running the club. And if it was reported, and Ken Rosenthal believed the sources enough to put it out, then there must be some smoke somewhere in the warehouse. But Angelos lately hasn’t been that meddlesome owner we railed against though the years. So who do you believe?

Personally, I think the organization can find a role for Ripken, even if it’s as a sounding board for MacPhail. Cal has been around the game for years, and can communicate his knowledge and give the organization a unique perspective on certain issues. If he wants to help the hometown team, by all means consider it. Given the way the current season has begun, any kind of help would be appreciated.