Baltimore Ravens free agent fullback Le’Ron McClain has had quite an outspoken offseason in just the few weeks that the Ravens have been sitting at home. First there was his flip-flop quotes about coming back to Baltimore, then his public questioning of John Harbaugh’s offseason plan and of course his support for the dismissed Jim Zorn.

McClain took his thoughts on Zorn’s departure further on Tuesday when he supported Joe Flacco’s comments in an appearance on Fox Sports 1370. quoted McClain’s appearance on the Jerry Coleman Show.

“I’m glad he said something,” McClain said. “That was big on Joe, you see how much he has matured from his rookie year to now, him just making a statement on that. He had his coach’s back. I felt the same way that he felt. The guy that had his back and stepped [his] game up a little bit this year, a lot this year, and the way [he] threw the ball and go through all that, and get rid of [his] coach. [He] just had to say something. . . . I can see where Joe’s coming from.”

With all this talk in just a few short weeks, you have to wonder if Le’Ron McClain is talking his way out of Baltimore. What do you think?