11 years ago today the Ravens won Super Bowl 35 in Tampa Bay 34-7 over the New York Giants.

In some ways it doesn’t seem that long ago…

The Backstreet Boys sang the National Anthem, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Nelly, Mary J. Blige and *NSYNC performed at Halftime.

…and in others it feels like an eternity ago.

The Ravens were just five years old in Baltimore and while their following was strong, it was nothing like it is today.

If not for a 97-yard kickoff return by Ron Dixon in the third quarter, the Ravens would have been the first team in NFL history to shutout an opponent in the Super Bowl.

It still hurts a little.  Rather than a Super Bowl XLII rematch, we in Baltimore would prefer it to revisit that of Super XXXV rematch.

11 years.  4 seasons removed from Brian Billick.  Put the guy in the freaking Ring of Honor.

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  1. I concur 100%!

  2. This town has forgotten what Billick did in bringing the Ravens into promenience. We’re so caught up in Johnny Hardnuts and his ill fated trips to the playoffs, that we forget Billick finishing .500 for the first time in Ravens’ history and then winning a Super Bowl in his second season. He laid the ground work and made this team believe it could win. Put the man in the Ring.

    • Put him in the ring,,,,,,,,,,,,he has the dominating demeanor to control all those various and sundry personalities on that great super bowl winning team,,,,,,,,,,,,Harbaugh has no clue how to get the most out of your players , just like Andy Reid , he will never win a super bowl , he has learne how ‘not to win a super bowl’ and it shows,,,,,,,,,,,,,Billick would have had at least one more ring by now , he deserves to be in the Ravens ring of honor , big time……………

  3. This team is where it’s at and has the swagger because of Brian Billick… Brian Billick is more synonymous with the Ravens than Harbaugh ever will be.

    But did ya ever think that Billick ain’t in the Ring BECAUSE of Harbaugh? Harbaugh doesn’t want the limelight taken off him for a former coach who put the Ravens on the map.

    Trust me, Harbaugh is playing a part of why Billick is not in the Ring…

    Anyway we can get rid of Harbaugh? This team would have played in 1 or 2 Super Bowls in the last 4 years if we had a coach that knew how to coach! Even a coach who knew to call a time out so that his kicker didn’t have to rush a kick to win a trip to the SB.

    What other team has their head coach (Harbaugh) actually fighting with different coaches in back (Pagano against Texans)-to-back (another coach I forgot the name of against the Patriots) playoff games?

    Harbaugh needs to go and Billick deserves to be in the Ring!

  4. Amazing – a pro-Billick blog with 4 pro-Billick comments. You’d never see that on the Sun’s website, but I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Preston and Hensley made it their life’s ambition to run Billick out of town and pro-Billick comments to their stories (including ones correcting their factual inaccuracies) were mysteriously lost by the Sun’s website. Hmmm….maybe Ravens don’t hate Billick after all. Maybe it was just the local newspaper (with an agenda) and a few vocal sheep who can’t think for themselves or were offended by Billick’s use of multisyllablic words.

    All I know, it was a hell of a lot more interesting hearing Billick actually try to explain the game to Ravens fans, than Harbaugh’s cliche-ridden coach-speak. “We’re just gonna work harder, get back to work, and be the best Ravens we can be…” We’ve heard that for four years – does that make anyone feel more confident about our chances next time were in a close playoff battle?

    Bottom line, an opposing coach could sense the chaos on that field goal attempt from the other side of the field and purposely did not call a time out (the standard move in that situation, i.e. the one your average, everyday, by-the-book-coach like Harbaugh would make). Meanwhile, our coach – a special teams expert no less – is oblivious to the chaos – “it never occured to me to call a timeout in that situation” was his quote immediately following the game.

    Bisciotti purposely wanted a guy with a “thin resume” (his words) and he got it. So thin, the guy craps his pants in the closing moments of big games.

    • Bernie,

      I’ve seen The Sun feature a picture of Suggs yelling at Hardnuts on their website early in the morning after the Chargers game, only to have it disappear into oblivion just a short while later. My guess? The Ravens top rated PR staff calls the Sun and says, ” hey, you guys are barely in business. We are the ONLY reason you probably even still have a pathetic existence. Do you want to keep your good standing with us? Take the picture down, now”

      And Baghdad Bob continues to report all things rosy on their website and paper, with the exception of Preston, who pisses off the Ravens’ “Johnny come lately” noveau fans who think Michael Jacson was a pop star and have no clue who Derrick Alexander is. The Sun is a sham.

  5. Harbaugh can’t hold Billicks jock strap , but he probably wants to.

  6. Mystery…You can’t be serious! Former Coach didn’t win a single playoff game his last, what, seven or eight years here…And that was with three 1st Ballot Hall of Famers among his 22 Starters…And one of the most accurate place kickers of all time…We can and should thank him for his role in Roman Numeral XXLV…But after his third year here, he never made the the Playoffs in back-to-back years, much less win playoff games…It was clearly time for him to go when he did…Lets all move on, please.

  7. This was because of the deficiency at the q-back slot , if Billick had todays talent you would have another ring here in Baltimore.

  8. It’s Been 11 Years Since The Ravens Won The Super Bowl | Baltimore Sports Report – just great!

  9. The scary part of it is that the 2000 Ravens might me a one year wonder. Although we have played in 2 AFC Championship, since our only Super Bowl, we just can’t get over the hump. Also, I don’t understand the Harbaugh bashing. He is only the 3rd coach to take his teams to the playoffs his first 4 years. The other 2 were Paul Brown (1950-1955), and Bill Cowher (1992-1997), each with 6. That is not bad company. We have to get the #1 seed in the AFC Playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. I mean we beat 4 teams who made the playoffs (Steelers and Bengals twice), but lost to 4 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. We were better than the Pats, and Evans dropping that pass is why we lost that game. I see that Ed Reed decided to come back and play. The window is closing on the Ravens if theydon’t get to or win the Super Bowl, the next 2 years.

    • That should be (2000 Ravens might “be” a one year wonder).

    • You fought the Harbaugh Bashers for us with your statements, Ravens 2000.

      Why are fans on Harbaugh? You answered it yourself…he lost 4 games to non- playoff teams, when clearly the talent is there as evidenced by winning 4 games against playoff teams.

      Why are the fans bashing Harbaugh? Again, you answered your own question, we have to gt the number one seed, something Harbaugh hasn’t done despite the talent.

      Why are fans on Harbaugh? You answered again, because their window is closing. Why did our owner go with an inexperienced “organizer” instead of an established coach?

      A guy with a deeper football IQ would have lead this team to another Super Bowl or two.

      That’s why the fans are bashing Harbaugh.

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