Former Ravens star running back Jamal Lewis has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy according to a report on TMZ.

Lewis filed his papers in Atlanta and according to the documents he has $14,455,854 in assetts and $10,566,764.18 in debts.  You may be asking, “how does that happen to a guy that made $41.5 million during his NFL career”?

Well, Lewis owns five homes, “a bunch of expensive cars” and is 50 percent owner of  Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark in Columbus, Ohio.

Lewis still makes an annual salary of $420,000, but that’s just not enough for his pricy taste.

This is certainly a sad story about a guy that helped lead the Ravens to their first Super Bowl victory in 2001.

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  1. My question is how can a man who has four million dollars more than his debts declare bankruptcy ?

  2. I have no idea, but maybe because it’s not liquid assets. Filing for bankruptcy would allow him to sell off stuff and restructure his debt to pay it off?

  3. Spy,

    You know all about ASSets, don’t you?

  4. How much is a gram of coke these days?

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