Steelers linebacker James Harrison has sent checks to the NFL totaling $100,000 for dangerous or even dirty hits on various players in the NFL and will likely be sending a few thousand more after leading with his helmet in a hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick in Sunday’s game. There were two in an October game against the Cleveland Browns that pushed Harrison to the brink of “retirement.”

If you think that Harrison’s fines are just the result of the NFL over protecting their quarterbacks and defenseless receivers, than you’ve never read some of the guy’s quotes. Going into Sunday’s game in which he hit Fitzpatrick, Harrison said “I’m not worrying about the calls.”

After a dirty hit on Drew Brees early in November, Harrison said “I don’t know how you tackle someone and don’t use any part of your head, especially if you’re trying to see what you’re hitting. Your facemask is going to touch them.”

Chris Chase of Shutdown Corner points out that despite Harrison’s lobbying efforts against the NFL’s rule changes, “his hits were always illegal and punishable by fine.”

“[The flag] isn’t going to change the way I play,” Harrison said after the Bills game. “There was nothing wrong about the play.”

Actually there is James.  You lead with your helmet, hit late and always go for a dangerous flashy plays in the middle of the field.  Don’t blame the NFL for your dirty play.

“We can still play the game, but it’s not the same,” Harrison said after a game against the Dolphins on October 18th. If that’s true than it’s for the better.