Not only does James Ihedigbo have to sit and home and watch the NFL playoffs, but he was also forced to pay the league $15,750 for hitting Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones with the crown of his head int he Ravens 34-17 loss in week 17. Ihedigbo was penalized for the play for unnecessary roughness.

Ihedigbo has publicly voiced that he disputes both the flag and fine and posted some (blurry) photographic evidence that his hit on Jones was in fact clean.

Here’s a GIF of hit:

James  Ihedigbo fined for hit on Marvin  Jones

Sorry, but after watching the video I can’t say that agree. Ihedigbo comes in helmet first and doesn’t wrap Jones in an attempt to make a tackle. I’m not sure why he thinks that’s a clean hit (maybe because it wasn’t helmet on helmet?), but that’s exactly what the NFL is looking to avoid.

Pay the fine, James. You earned it.